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Takenouchi Sora
Takenouchi SoraTakenouchi Sora
Kanji/Kana 武之内 空
Dub Name Sora Takenouchi
Age 11 (Adventure)
14 (02)
17 (tri.)
School Odaiba Elementary (Adventure)
Odaiba Junior High School (02)
Tsukishima Sogo High School (tri.)
Partner Digimon Piyomon
Digivice Grey Digivice (Red when activated)
Crest Love
Family Takenouchi Haruhiko (father)
Takenouchi Toshiko (mother)
Ishida Yamato (husband)
Takaishi Takeru (brother-in-law)
Ishida Hiroaki (father-in-law)
Takaishi Natsuko (mother-in-law)
Takaishi Michel (grandfather-in-law)
Kinu (grandmother-in-law)
Unnamed daughter
Unnamed son
Unnamed nephew
Voice Actor Japanese Mizutani Yūko (水谷 優子), Mimori Suzuko (三森 すずこ) (tri.)
English Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Takenouchi Sora is one of the protagonists of Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure tri., and one of the supporting characters in Digimon Adventure 02.


Sora is a very reliable person and tries to take care of the other kids, like a mother would. Her father works as a professor at the Kyoto University and in Digimon Adventure 02 it is seen that Shuu, one of Kido Jou's older brothers, does research at the university with Sora's father. Because of her father's work at Kyoto, she usually lives only with her mother, who owns a flower shop. Sora is partnered with Piyomon and is the bearer of the Crest of Love.



Prelude to Digimon Adventure[edit]

When Sora was young, she lived in Hikarigaoka with her family. She attended Dai-san Elementary School and was in the same first grade class as Yagami Taichi. In 1995, she witnessed the fight between Greymon and Parrotmon. After this, her family moved to Odaiba

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Sora was very tomboyish, being the only girl in the school's soccer team, where she was the teammate of Yagami Taichi and Izumi Koushiro. A caring person, she was very protective of the group, and acted almost as a motherly figure, especially to Tachikawa Mimi and Takaishi Takeru. She often acted as a voice of reason to the others, especially during Taichi and Ishida Yamato's arguments.

When Taichi and Metal Greymon disappeared following the defeat of Etemon, Sora and Piyomon were the first to split from the group, in search of Taichi. They overheard Pico Devimon discussing the Crests with Vamdemon, and Pico Devimon, who found them out, told Sora that her own Crest will never activate because she doesn't know real love. Sora certainly felt that way; Sora's father was mostly absent, spending most of his time teaching in Kyoto, and she often argued with her mother, Toshiko, who wanted Sora to quit soccer and study the art of flower arranging (ikebana - 生花). Sora and Piyomon ended up traveling and helping the other separated Chosen Children from behind the scenes, until Taichi brought them all together and convinced her to rejoin them. As Vamdemon attacked the group head-on, Piyomon was injured but tried to fight despite this. Sora tried to hold her back, and realized that in trying to protect Piyomon, she was just like her mother. Realizing that her mother does love her and care for her triggered her Crest of Love, and the newly-evolved Garudamon drove Vamdemon off. Finally, Sora was able to make peace with her mother.

When the children were fighting the Dark Masters and split up again, Sora was extremely protective of everyone in her group and tried to put everything on herself, even when she couldn't handle it. This eventually led her to trap herself in a dark cave like Yamato who, along with Kido Jou, eventually helped her escape.

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game![edit]

Sora was angry at Taichi for giving her hair pins for her birthday. Koushiro tried to call her to help but she wasn't at home; in fact, she was just outside the Yagami residence for a while, debating whether she should talk to Taichi or not. After Diablomon was destroyed, Sora finally got the e-mail apology that Taichi had sent earlier and forgave him, even wearing the hair pins he got her.

Between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

In May 2000, Sora arrived in the Digital World and gave up her Crest power to free the Four Holy Beasts. As a result, Piyomon lost the power to evolve to Perfect.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

By the time 02 starts, Sora has learned to embrace her feminine side, and had grown much closer to her mother, from whom she started to learn the art of flower-arranging. She has also become a member of the tennis club at school, and still joins the other Chosen Children on their adventures whenever she could.

On Christmas Eve, Sora decided to bring homemade cookies to Yamato before he went to the concert, meaning to tell him that she liked him. She was a bit uncomfortable when Taichi showed up before she went backstage, but Taichi encouraged her to do so. From then on, she and Yamato were a couple.

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals[edit]

Sora was practicing ikebana at home, but a reaction from her Digivice caused her to vanish. She appeared in Chocomon's dimension, where she was deaged to approximately the age of four, the same age Wallace was when he received Terriermon and Chocomon's egg. After Chocomon died, she returned to her original age and location.

Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back[edit]

Sora was on the way back home from practice with the tennis club, but made it in time to Tokyo Bay after Imperialdramon showed up.

25 Years Later[edit]

By the year 2027, Sora is married to Yamato and has become a fashion designer. She has a daughter who resembles Yamato and has a Pyocomon, and a son who looks more like her, and has a Tunomon.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Sora, Garudamon and Beelzebumon in DigiQuartz.

Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

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Digimon Adventure 02: Armor Evolution to the Unknown[edit]

Sora was shopping at a store with Mimi and Hikari, intent on making home-made chocolate for Yamato, When the three of them were taken hostage by Boltmon. She was happy when Yamato declared his feelings for her though she was a bit confused about the tap-dancing bit he and the others were doing at that time.

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Hyper Colosseum


Takenouchi Sora is one of the Generals in the Super Digica Taisen card game.

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