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Beginner City (ビギナシティ Bigina Shiti) is a city in the Mega Area of Digi-Land.


The first city the player arrives into when he enters Digi-Land. It has an Arena in its center, with a satellite antenna close to it. Flame City and Sage Tower can be seen from it, despite the latter being far away. It has both the very first and very last Battle Arenas of the game.


  • Battle Arena (バトルアリーナ Batoru Arīna)
  • Battle Cafe (バトルカフェ Batoru Kafe)
  • Player's Room (プレイヤーズルーム Pureiyāzu Rūmu)

Battle Cafe Players[edit]

  • Betamon (Betamon Deck > Pick Up Deck) (changes decks after the fourth Battle Arena is cleared)
  • Agumon (Original 3 Colors Deck) (after the first Battle Arena is cleared, rotates with its other evolutions once they appear)
    • Greymon (Shin-kaaa! Deck) (after Deserted Island's Battle Arena is cleared, rotates with its other evolutions)
    • War Greymon (Hero of Flame Deck) (after Sky City's first Extra Arena is cleared, rotates with its other evolutions)
  • Black War Greymon (Black Fire Heart Deck) (after Igloo City's fourth Battle Arena is cleared and the player obtains 300 wins)
  • Penmon (Penmon Color Deck) (after the second Battle Arena is cleared)
  • Babamon (New Power Deck)
    • Rosemon (Rose Garden Deck) (after defeating A, replaces Babamon)
  • Yagami Taichi (Go Now Deck) (after defeating A)

Battle Arenas[edit]

First Battle Arena[edit]

  • 1st Battle: Agumon (Original 3 Colors Deck)
  • Battle Master: Babamon (New Power Deck)
    • Rewards: Passcode to Flame City, Option Pack, one Perfect-level card (chosen at random, will always be of one of the colours of the player's starting deck)

Second Battle Arena[edit]

  • 1st Battle: Penmon (Penmon Color Deck)
  • 2nd Battle: Rosemon (Rose Garden Deck)
  • Battle Master: Greymon (Shin-kaaa! Deck)
    • Rewards: Option Pack

Third Battle Arena[edit]

  • 1st Battle: Rosemon (Rose Garden Deck)
  • 2nd Battle: Greymon (Shin-kaaa! Deck)
  • Battle Master: War Greymon (Hero of Flame Deck)
    • Rewards:

Fourth Battle Arena[edit]


Video Games[edit]

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