Crest of Love

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Crest of Love
Crest of Love
Kanji/Kana 愛情の紋章
Dub Name Crest of Love

The Crest of Love (愛情の紋章, Aijou no Monshou) is one of the nine Crests. It is engraved with a pattern resembling a stylised heart.



Digimon Adventure[edit]

The Crest of Love, debuting in DA20, was initially in the possession of Nanomon, who intended to use it in conjunction with a duplicate of Takenouchi Sora, to take on Etemon. It was returned to its rightful owner, Takenouchi Sora, and was in DA26 first activated, allowing Piyomon to super-evolve to Garudamon and fend off Vamdemon. Its physical form was later destroyed by Apocalymon, and in May 2000 Sora surrendered its power to free one of the Four Holy Beasts from the bonds placed upon them by the Dark Masters.

Digimon Adventure:[edit]

The Crest of Love belongs to Takenouchi Sora. Like the other Crests in Adventure:, it does not exist in a physical form, and instead appears in Sora's Digivice:'s screen when Sora shows the trait the Crest embodies.

A giant Crest of Love, in the same shape as the ones in Digimon Adventure, appeared in the Tree of Knowledge alongside the other seven Crests in "The Mystery Hidden Within the Crests". Wisemon explained that the Crests predated Digimon themselves and were a complete mystery, which led the Chosen Children to separate to answer said mystery.

In "The Tears of Shakkoumon", Sora's Digivice: became red and projected the Crest of Love after she decided to stop Shakkoumon without fighting and swore to restore its role as a guardian deity. Furthermore, a giant Crest of Love was formed from the spirits of the dead Cupimon and Puttimon, summoned by Hououmon's Starlight Explosion in order to calm down Shakkoumon.


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Digimon Adventure[edit]

Nanomon was in possession of the Crest of Love. He entered it in Takenouchi Sora's Tag in Episode 24, "Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon", after kidnapping Sora and Piyomon, to give it to a Sora copy he made alongside Sora's Digivice, so he could use the copy to bring out the full power of both. However, after he was defeated by the Chosen Children, Sora took her Digivice and Crest back.

The Crest of Love glowed in Episode 30, "Shining Wings! Garudamon", after Sora realized that her mother stopping her from playing a soccer match while wounded in the past was because she put her above everything else and truly loved her. Thanks to that, Birdramon super-evolved into Garudamon, giving her the power to stall Vamdemon long enough for sunrise, allowing the Chosen Children to escape.

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Holsmon Helmet
Owlmon Headgear
Sethmon Helmet
Sethmon Wild Mode Helmet

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