Digivice: Toy

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Series Digivice: Toy
Colors Blue
Release Date Japan November 2020
United States February 2021
Language Japanese
Dimensions 76×76×40mm
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Enemy Digimon[edit]


Evolution Unlock
Description Evolve Level No. of Wins
WIN I Champion 10
WIN II Ultimate 15
WIN III Mega 20
WIN Ω Jogress 20

Special Evolution Unlock
Character Unlocks Map Area Requirements Extra Requirements
Magnadramon, Blitzgreymon & Cresgarurumon Area 12 All characters Max Wins Defeat Millenniummon 10 times (Any chara)
Omegamon Alter-S Area 12 Clear Map Area 12
Pegasusmon Area 9 (Level 4) Lose to Darkknightmon
Veedramon, Whamon & El Doradimon Random Re-appear 5~10wins (if lose)

Battle Items
Description Effect Map Area
Kaiser Knuckle AP+1. When opponent is Virus attribute AP become +2 Area 4, Level 5
Thor Hammer AP+1. When opponent is Vaccine attribute AP become +2 Area 8, Level 5
Death Claw AP+1. When opponent is Data attribute AP become +2 Area 5, Level 5
Grey Sword AP+2. When opponent is Virus attribute AP become +3 Area 6, Level 5
Garuru Cannon AP+2. When opponent is Vaccine attribute AP become +3 Area 7, Level 5
Worm Phase AP+2. When opponent is Data attribute AP become +3 Area 9, Level 5
Holy Arrow Reduce "damage wheel" (D) speed by half Area 3, Level 5
Heaven's Gate Burst Mode activates after damage wheel. (Not applicable for Final Boss Stage) Area 10, Level 5

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Virtual Pets
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Digital Monster

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Pendulum Progress

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Pendulum X

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Twin L & R

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Xros Wars Mini

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Digimon Analyzer

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Digivice iC

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Digivice Burst

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Xros Loader

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Appli Drive

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Digivice Ver.15th

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D-3 Ver.15th

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D-Ark Ver.15th

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Digivice Ver.Complete

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Digital Monster Ver.20th

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Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

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Digital Monster X Ver.2

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Digital Monster X Ver.3

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Digimon Pendulum Z II

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