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In "The Last Miracle, the Last Power", after Algomon was killed, Negamon evolved into this Digimon. Unlike before, where it was passive, it went into the offensive after evolving, which Kido Joe inferred that it meant it felt threatened by the Chosen Children. With Seraphimon and Ofanimon breaking through its darkness; Rosemon, Vikemon, Herakle Kabuterimon and Hououmon destroyed its tentacles that were crossing over to the Real World and Realizing; and War Greymon, Metal Garurumon and the angels broke into the sphere of darkness to find Negamon's main body and lure it outside, with War Greymon finally destroying it with a Gaia Force from inside its mouth after being attacked from outside by Metal Garurumon's Grace Cross Freezer. However, it was merely a shell, and destroying it only awakened Negamon's true form, Abbadomon Core and turned the sphere of darkness that surrounded it into Abbadomon.

In "The End of the Adventure", during Abbadomon Core's and Omegamon's battle, Abbadomon Core fires an evolved Negamon at Omegamon though Omegamon blocks it with its shield. Whilst Omegamon is distracted by it trying to eat its shield, Abbadomon Core fires a laser at both them. The laser kills it, though Omegamon survives and continues the fight.

Negamon from Digimon Adventure:
Negamon watching the Chosen Children and their Digimon approaching.


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  1. This Negamon debuted in the Digivice: Toy virtual pet that released in November 2020, however, in said virtual pet, it was named "???". In the V Jump, October 2021 issue it and Negamon were both shown together with the name "Negamon", whilst in the September 9 TV guide listings the name "Kuzurumon" (クズルーモン) was used during its plot synopsis for Digimon Adventure:: "The Last Miracle, the Final Power", which referred to either this Digimon or Abbadomon (which would make it a scrapped name for Abbadomon). The TV listing's plot synopsis was later updated, changing the name to Abbadomon making the latter more likely.[1] Watanabe Kenji was asked on Twitter who Kuzurumon was and stated that he thought it may be the Digimon with the mouth that came out of Abbadomon (referring to this Digimon), though wasn't sure.[2]