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A Baby Digimon that grew up immersed in the negative data that the Network is overflowing with. It lives quietly in jet-black darkness, constantly awaiting its death. It appears before approaching Digimon, and makes them prey on themselves with the curse of its "Downer Eye". It is said that the Digimon that have preyed on themselves gradually lose their emotions, fall into darkness, and corrode from the inside out, becoming a seedbed for Negamon to regenerate.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Downer Eye [1] ダウナーアイ Daunā Ai Makes the enemy Digimon prey on themselves with the curse of its "Downer Eye".


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

Negamon is the main antagonist in Digimon Adventure: and the mastermind behind the series.

Negamon's first appearance was in "And to the Digital World", where its eye is shown briefly before it dropped Eyesmon: Scatter Mode's Digitama into the Network, though it technically first played a role in "Tokyo Digital Crisis" when it dropped Algomon's Digitama into the Network.

It later appeared as a silhouette in "Countdown to Tokyo's Annihilation", watching on angrily after the defeat of Nidhoggmon.

Its eye then cameoed multiple times in various episodes.

Its first proper appearance was in "The Great Catastrophe, Negamon", inside a black orb, which is in the white void, protected by its servant, Algomon, who described it as the one who consumes all. It used its tentacles to trap the Chosen Children, which would've killed them were it not for their Digivices:' barrier, and then forced them into the void. As Algomon fought the Chosen Children, it explained that Negamon was the negative law and disaster of the Digital World, as well as their reason to exist and their instinct, and that Negamon, as one of two instincts that reached the Real World, chose the negative, chaotic energy from the human network as the power source to produce the next disaster, using it to evolve its Algomon lackeys, Nidhoggmon and Devimon, while those who resonated with the waves of destruction such as the Vademon and Millenniumon joined them. The negative energy of the network had surpassed even Negamon's expectations, which produced more hunger, consumption and satisfaction, which would then drive Negamon to consume all and evolve into the ultimate destruction, leading the world into the complete end where nothing is born or will ever begin. Izumi Koshiro then realized that Negamon's real purpose had been overwritten by the swelling power of the network, turning it into a creature that existed only to consume as described by Ishida Yamato. As it evolved into Algomon (Ultimate), Algomon explained that Negamon's instinct would reach the ultimate destruction, where it would consume the soul and an infinite void would come. After Algomon was killed by the Chosen Children, it said that the time had come for Negamon to consume all.

Negamon in Digimon Adventure:
Negamon's silhouette in Digimon Adventure:

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  1. Negamon debuted in the third episode of Digimon Adventure:, "And to the Digital World", that aired in April 2020, however its name remained unknown until the October 2021 V Jump (released in August 2021), which finally revealed its name as "Negamon".