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Kanji/Kana アルゴモン
Voice Actor Japanese Matsuyama Takashi

Algomon is a major antagonist and servant of the Great Catastrophe, Negamon, in Digimon Adventure:. While several other Algomon of all levels also serve Negamon, this one is the only one to take a humanoid shape and be capable of speech, although it considers itself as one being with the other Algomon, which also serve it.


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Adult Algomon (Adult)
Perfect Algomon (Perfect)
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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

Algomon first appeared in "Contact from the Catastrophe". After trapping Yagami Taichi and Agumon, it evolved from Algomon (Adult) into Algomon (Perfect). While originally appearing in its Worm Phase, it quickly took its humanoid form. Due to its difference in shape from the other Algomon, Taichi wondered if it was one of them, which Algomon quickly confirmed, pointing out that both it and the others were Algomon. Furthermore, it recognised Taichi as a Chosen Child and Agumon as a Digimon that could evolve through his connection with a Chosen Child. It then said that both sides knew each other, and they remembered the battles they had fought. While Agumon then thought that it wanted revenge for its defeated comrades, Algomon explained that they were an existence created for a mission, and that they had met due to the will of the Algomon's creator. It then started an experiment, having its Algomon (Adult) lackeys separate Agumon from Taichi then clone and trap all the Taichis, with Agumon having to save the real one. The clones were, instead, bombs that would hurt Agumon. Furthermore, Algomon explained that the only way to escape the space they were trapped in was for Agumon to save the real Taichi.

After destroying the space they were trapped in with Gaia Force, Taichi and War Greymon met Algomon once again. It explained that the experiment, which was their mission this time, was meant to confirm the powers born from the partnership of humans and Digimon. Furthermore, it added that the one who created it would soon begin to make a move, and that it would reduce all to nothing, which Taichi realized meant the Great Catastrophe. It then teleported away, to some place in the network where it, alongside some Algomon (Baby II) and Soundbirdmon, looked at a big orb of darkness with a giant eye.

It reappeared in "The Angels' Determination", looking at a black orb. After Deathmon (Black) attacked, said black orb was covered in red lights. After it was killed by Seraphimon and Ofanimon, it turned entirely black, as Algomon said that the Great Catastrophe would begin, following Deathmon's statement of it being the first cry sent by the catastrophe who would echo across when it finished its cry. Afterwards, the black orb was covered in red cracks before shattering into light, as Algomon (Perfect) said the name of the Great Catastrophe - Negamon.

Algomon's final appearance would be in "The Great Catastrophe, Negamon", where it confronted the Chosen Children after they were absorbed into the white void, alongside Negamon as a black sphere. It said that Negamon was the one that consumed all. It then explained that Digimon lived, died, and were reborn, causing Digimon and the Digital World to continue existing, and the Digital World kept evolving by the repetition of several things, both good and bad, such as war which included the ancient war, a necessity created by Negamon's pulse. Taking once again its Worm Phase, it continued its explanation, saying that Negamon was the negative law and disaster of the Digital World, as well as their reason to exist and their instinct. It then grabbed the Chosen Children with its tendrils, though they were protected by their Digivices: with barriers of light of their respective Crest colours. Algomon explained that said devices were the extreme opposite of them: the materialization of the Digital World's instinct to exist. Both instincts had reached the Real World at one point and sought the potential in humans, with one finding the Chosen Children who connected with Digimon and opened a new path, while Negamon chose the negative, chaotic energy from the human network as the power source to produce the next disaster, using it to evolve its Algomon lackeys, Nidhoggmon and Devimon, while those who resonated with the waves of destruction such as the Vademon and Millenniumon joined them. The negative energy of the network had surpassed even Negamon's expectations, which produced more hunger, consumption and satisfaction, which would then drive Negamon to consume all and evolve into the ultimate destruction, leading the world into the complete end where nothing is born or will ever begin. Negamon's instinct would reach the ultimate destruction, where it would consume the soul and an infinite void would come. Having said that, Algomon evolved into Algomon (Ultimate), which gave it enough power to break the barriers that protected the Chosen Children. However, Algomon's tentacles were then easily cut by the newly-arrived Garurumon, as the Partner Digimon joined their humans. After the Adult-level Partner Digimon defeated its Algomon (Adult) subordinates, Algomon pointed out how the decision the heroes made was to resist and fight in spite of destruction being in sight. It then shot a beam from its mouth at them, but it was stopped by the attacks of the Perfect-level Partner Digimon. In response to that, it added a bigger beam from its chest to the previous one. While it was able to overpower the Perfect-level Digimon attacks, they responded by evolving to their Ultimate levels, with Seraphimon and Ofanimon destroying its attack and Hououmon, Herakle Kabuterimon, Rosemon and Vikemon piercing through its stomach. Metal Greymon and Were Garurumon then evolved into War Greymon and Metal Garurumon from inside Algomon, destroying it from within. Now in pieces, Algomon's last words were that the time had come for Negamon to consume all.

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