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Kanji/Kana デスモン
Voice Actor Japanese Volcano Ota

Deathmon is a major antagonist and servant of the Great Catastrophe, Negamon, in Digimon Adventure:. Deathmon makes his first appearance in Episode 5 of the series, during the ancient war scenes that Valdurmon shows to the Chosen Children.

Known as the "King of Darkness", he is the one who led the Dark Digimon in the war. According to the records, the war between light and darkness started when Deathmon attacked. Though it was a mystery why Deathmon intended to destroy the darkness, despite belonging to it.

Although Deathmon spends most of the series dispersed as countless Soundbirdmon, he makes his first physical appearance in Episode 64, after the swarm of Soundbirdmon that was attacking the Tree of Knowledge merged into his whitish form, quickly passing into his black form.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Soundbirdmon
Adult ?
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Ultimate Deathmon
Deathmon (Black)




Digimon Adventure:[edit]

Several Soundbirdmon work under Devimon. In "And to the Digital World", one of them controlled several Tylomon to attack Izumi Koshiro, Tentomon and Whamon, but it's ultimately beaten by Tentomon after evolving into Kabuterimon for the first time.

Deathmon first appeared briefly in "Holy Digimon" during the ancient war footage where the Holy Digimon fought against the Dark Digimon. Due to the lighting in it, it's unclear if this Deathmon was grey or black.

A Soundbirdmon spied on Tachikawa Mimi and Palmon in "Lilimon Blooms" inside an ancient weapon factory. It then used its waves to awaken an Andromon who slept below a pile of junk and turn him berserk before leaving. Koshiro, Yagami Taichi and Agumon would find the Soundbirdmon in the factory as well, but not before it awakened and controlled a group of broken Hagurumon.

In "Contact from the Catastrophe", some Soundbirdmon, alongside some Algomon (Baby II) and the humanoid Algomon, looked at a big orb of darkness with a giant eye.

A group of Soundbirdmon took over Nanomon before the events of "Bolt, Herakle Kabuterimon". After Nanomon was defeated by Herakle Kabuterimon, it was freed from them, and then they left the scene, though they were seen by Taichi.

A giant swarm of Soundbirdmon attacked the Tree of Knowledge in "The Angels' Determination". Some of them took control over a group of Mechanorimon, as Machine Digimon are weaker to their sound's effects, and used them to attack Wisemon, Gerbemon and Searchmon, but they were all destroyed by Takaishi Takeru and Pegasmon. Nonetheless, the Mechanorimon then fell to Soundbirdmon's sound waves again, but they were stopped by Searchmon, who used radio waves to intercept the sound. Some more Soundbirdmon would also be destroyed by Pegasmon afterwards, as Takeru, Pegasmon, Yagami Hikari, Tailmon and Wisemon travelled towards the Crest monoliths. Other Soundbirdmon created Golemon (PS) by unifying and controlling scraps of data found in the Tree of Knowledge. More Soundbirdmon would then be destroyed by Birdramon's Meteor Wing, Togemon's Chikuchiku Bang Bang and Ikkakumon's Harpoon Vulcan.

After that, however, the Soundbirdmon fused together into Deathmon, with one forming a green, featureless frame body and the rest completing it. While originally grey, it immediately turned into Deathmon (Black), before opening its eye. Tailmon knew it as the one who lead the Dark Digimon, the king of darkness, with Wisemon adding that the records said that the war of light and darkness started when Deathmon attacked, and that it was a mystery why Deathmon wanted to destroy darkness despite belonging in it, but it made sense if Deathmon was an omen of the Great Catastrophe, the face of the disaster that drives the world mad.

After it was killed by Seraphimon and Ofanimon, it broke into its component Soundbirdmon, which then disintegrated, though as they did, Deathmon's voice said it was the first cry sent by the catastrophe who would echo across when it finished its cry, and the Great Catastrophe would begin.

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