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For the Yagami Taichi in Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, see here, or the one in Digimon Adventure, see here.
Yagami Taichi
Yagami Taichi
Kanji/Kana 八神 太一
Dub Name Taichi "Tai" Kamiya[1]
Tai Kamiya[2]
Age 11
Partner Digimon Agumon
Digivice Digivice: (orange when activated)
Crest Courage
Family Yagami Hikari (younger sister)
Voice Actor Japanese Sanpei Yuko (三瓶 由布子)
English Zeno Robinson

Yagami Taichi is the lead protagonist of Digimon Adventure:.


Card Game Evolution[edit]



Digimon Adventure:[edit]


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 ~New Courage~[edit]

Taichi and Agumon suddenly found themselves in an unfamiliar land at the beginning of New Courage, with them having been with the other original Adventure: Chosen Children and their Digimon except Izumi Koshiro and Tentomon before being surrounded by a bright light.

They quickly saw a Dagomon and a Gigadramon fly above them, which led them to V-Tamer's Yagami Taichi and Zeromaru who were fighting a Flymon. The V-Tamer duo quickly took care of all three Virus Digimon, to the surprise of the Adventure: duo. Both duos then met each other, which left Adventure:'s Taichi confused at meeting another version of himself. V-Tamer's Taichi, however, was excited about it, quickly realizing the situation, and he then explained that many universes, called parallel worlds, exist, each of which with their own Yagami Taichi, which they learned after fighting Parallelmon. V-Tamer's Taichi then asked his Adventure: counterpart what grade he was in, which made him realize that he was one year older. This angered Adventure: Taichi even more. Afterwards, V-Tamer Taichi properly explained the situation they were in, how he was brought into Holy Angel Castle by Lord Holy Angemon to save it. At this point, Adventure: Taichi saw the polyhedron, and V-Tamer Taichi explained that it was the source of the Virus Digimon. Adventure: Taichi understood this, but now wondered where Lord Holy Angemon was, to which V-Tamer answered that he was in a healing capsule after being nearly destroyed in combat. This made Adventure: Taichi realize that V-Tamer Taichi and Zero had been fighting completely alone, and couldn't understand why, but V-Tamer Taichi responded that Lord Holy Angemon had given them hope.

Afterwards, more Virus Digimon appeared from the polyhedron. Adventure: Taichi and Agumon decided to fight alongside V-Tamer Taichi, though both of them humorously then pointed out that it felt weird to call each other by their shared name. Nonetheless, both of their Digimon then evolved, Zeromaru into Aero V-dramon and Agumon into Greymon, and fought against the Virus Digimon. However, Greymon's Mega Flame proved ineffective against the newly-arrived Belphemon: Rage Mode, which shocked Adventure: Taichi. He tried to have Greymon dodge Belphemon: Rage Mode's Gift of Darkness, but he was still caught in the explosion and devolved to Agumon. V-Tamer Taichi then sadly realized that that was the limit of Agumon's evolution, and pointed out how Greymon had no chance against an Ultimate, which angered Adventure: Taichi as he thought his counterpart was disappointed in them and thought they were too weak. Seeing Zero easily destroy Belphemon: Rage Mode with his V-Wing Blade, Adventure: Taichi was once again amazed at their power, pointing out how he and Agumon couldn't even fly, but that also made him question why they didn't just destroy the polyhedron. V-Tamer Taichi and Zero then pointed out that that was their limit, as the latter could not evolve past Perfect due to either the damage from their previous adventure or the polyhedron's effects. Nonetheless, Zero pointed out that they'd maange somehow and the Adventure: duo shouldn't push themselves, which sparked Agumon to climb onto Zero's head to keep fighting. This, in turn, inspired Adventure: Taichi, who had full faith in Agumon and thus believed they could still fight. This then got to V-Tamer Taichi, causing both Taichis to spawn the Crest of Courage in their eyes, which also filled Adventure: Taichi's Digivice: with energy. Zero and Agumon then took to the skies, and Adventure: Taichi told them it was time to evolve, causing a massive Crest of Courage to appear in the sky, with a huge power of courage thanks to both Taichis being in sync with each other. Seeing the Crest of Courage, V-Tamer Taichi realized that the "new courage" that Lord Holy Angemon told him about was Adventure: Taichi. As well, the Crest of Courage evolved Zeromaru and Agumon into Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode and an incomplete War Greymon, respectively, allowing them to easily destroy the polyhedron.

Afterwards, Adventure: Taichi reawakened in his own world alongside the same group he had left it with. He wondered if he had had a dream, with Takenouchi Sora pointing out that he fell and blacked out. While doubting if that other world was real, Taichi nonetheless believed that, if it was real, advances in technology would reunite them again someday.


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  1. BT18-078 (DCG) Duskmon can change any Tamer's Color into any other Color, except White.
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