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A Crest (紋章 Monshou) is an item used to aid in evolution. In the Digimon Adventure continuity, when used in conjunction with a Tag and activated by their owner exemplifying the trait embodied by the Crest in question, they allow a Partner Digimon to super-evolve to the Perfect level.

List of Crests[edit]

Image Name Owner Location
Crest courage.png Crest of Courage
(勇気の紋章, Yūki no Monshou)
Yagami Taichi Cavern
Crest friendship.png Crest of Friendship
(友情の紋章, Yūjou no Monshou)
Ishida Yamato Piccolomon's well
Crest love.png Crest of Love
(愛情の紋章, Aijou no Monshou)
Takenouchi Sora Nanomon
Crest knowledge.png Crest of Knowledge
(知識の紋章, Chishiki no Monshou)
Izumi Koushiro Piccolomon's well
Crest purity.png Crest of Purity
(純真の紋章, Junshin no Monshou)
Tachikawa Mimi Flower of desert cactus
Crest faith.png Crest of Sincerity
(誠実の紋章[N 1], Seijitsu no Monshou)
Kido Jou Cage floor
Crest hope.png Crest of Hope
(希望の紋章, Kibou no Monshou)
Takaishi Takeru Cliff wall
Crest light.png Crest of Light
(光の紋章, Hikari no Monshou)
Yagami Hikari Vamdemon
Crest kindness.png Crest of Kindness
(優しさの紋章, Yasashisa no Monshou)
Ichijouji Ken Digimon Kaiser's base



Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Eight of the nine Crests were created by Gennai's group specifically for their respective Chosen Child, alongside the Digivices, Tags and their Partner Digimon. However, the Dark Masters caught onto the plan and broke into their facility, killing all of the inhabitants save Gennai himself and absconding with the Tags and Crests. The Crests were then hidden across the Server Continent, with the Crests of Love and Light eventually ending up in the possession of Nanomon and Vamdemon respectively.

Some time later, the Chosen Children were sent to Server to reclaim their Crests, successfully gathering all but the Crest of Light during the conflict with Etemon, and first activating them one-by-one during their efforts to stop Vamdemon. Vamdemon later used the Crest of Light to try and track down its bearer, the "eighth child" prophecised to kill him, but it was stolen from him by Wizarmon and returned to Yagami Hikari who, just as the prophecy dictated, used it to evolve Tailmon to Angewomon and kill him.

The eight Crests were destroyed by Apocalymon, but the Chosen had by that point passed the need for them in physical form, now embodying their full power within themselves. In May 2000, the Chosen returned briefly to the Digital World to surrender said power in order to free the Four Holy Beasts from their imprisonment at the hands of the Dark Masters, thus removing their ability to super-evolve their partner Digimon.

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References Notes
  1. Lit. To be faithful, sincere and honest. Also super special awesome