Crest of Kindness

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Crest of Kindness
Crest of Kindness
Kanji/Kana 優しさの紋章
Dub Name Crest of Kindness

The Crest of Kindness (優しさの紋章, Yasashisa no Monshou) is one of the nine Crests. It is engraved with the pattern of a stylized ornate rose.



Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

The Crest of Kindness came into existence separately from the other eight Crests, and ended up in the possession of Ichijouji Ken, its destined bearer. As the Digimon Kaiser, Ken used it to fuel his base, and it became engulfed in darkness; the Four Holy Beasts somehow from afar used it to create the Digimental of Miracles. After the Digimental was retrieved, used and depleted by Motomiya Daisuke to armor-evolve V-mon into Magnamon to defeat Chimairamon, it reverted to the form of the Crest of Kindness and was reclaimed by Ken, now free from his Digimon Kaiser persona and on the path to atoning for his actions. Ken later used it to find the Digitama of the deceased Wormmon in the Village of Beginnings, and some time thereafter returned it to the ruins of the base to prevent a catastrophic meltdown.

Being that Ken never owned a Tag, he was never able to use it for evolution.

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