Crest of Purity

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Crest of Purity
Crest of Purity
Kanji/Kana 純真の紋章
Dub Name Crest of Sincerity

The Crest of Purity (純真の紋章, Junshin no Monshou; Dub: Crest of Sincerity) is one of the nine Crests. It is engraved with a tear drop.



Digimon Adventure[edit]

The Crest of Purity was located in DA17, emerging from the newly-bloomed flower of a giant desert cactus before its bearer, Tachikawa Mimi. It was first activated in DA35 during a fight with a Dark Tyranomon in the service of Vamdemon which threatened Mimi's parents, evolving Togemon into Lilimon. Its physical form was later destroyed by Apocalymon, and in May 2000 Mimi surrendered its power to free one of the Four Holy Beasts from the bonds placed upon them by the Dark Masters.

Video Games[edit]

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

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Hyper Colosseum


List of Digimon inscribed with this Crest[edit]

Digimon Location
Shurimon Headband
Yaksamon Mask

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