Digimon Adventure - Episode 20

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完全体進化! メタルグレイモン ("Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon ")

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Title 完全体進化! メタルグレイモン
Translation "Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon"
Romanization Kanzentai Shinka! Metarugureimon
Airdate July 25, 1999 (9:00AM UTC +9)
Duration 23:05
TV Network English Fuji TV
Opening Butter-Fly
Ending I Wish
Insert Brave Heart
Pre-title アバン
Subtitle サブタイトル
Episode List
The Earthquake Of MetalGreymon)

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Title The Earthquake Of MetalGreymon
Airdate October 9, 1999
TV Network Usa.png Fox Kids
Uk.png ITV
Australia.png Fox Kids, Channel 10
Theme Songs
Opening Digimon Theme
Ending N/A
Episode List
Bewährungsprobe ("Crucial Test")

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Title Bewährungsprobe
Translation Crucial Test
Airdate September 8, 2000
TV Network Germany.png RTL II
Opening Leb deinen Traum
Episode List

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Title '
TV Network
Theme Songs
Episode List
MetalGreymon MetalGreymon, a Digievolução Perfeita (" Metal Greymon Metal Greymon, the Perfect Evolution")

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Title Brazil.png MetalGreymon
Portugal.png MetalGreymon, a Digievolução Perfeita
Translation Brazil.png Metal Greymon
Portugal.png Metal Greymon, the Perfect Evolution
TV Network Brazil.png Rede Globo, Fox Kids
Portugal.png TVI, Canal Panda
Theme Songs
Opening Brazil.png Digimon Theme

Portugal.png Butter-Fly (dubbed)

Ending N/A
Episode List



Main Events[edit]

Digimon Analyzer[edit]

Metal Greymon
Metal Greymon
Level Type
Perfect Cyborg
Attribute Special Move
Vaccine Giga Destroyer
レベル タイプ
完全体 サイボーグ型デジモン
属性 必殺技
ワクチン ギガデストロイヤー
Digimon analyzer da metalgreymon en.jpg
MetalGreymon uses his own body as a weapon during battle. His most lethal instrument is the Giga Destroyer!


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  • As with most episodes from the first half of the dub, all references to the show taking place in Japan are either removed or made less obvious.
  • Taichi refers to the Telecom Center as a “toy factory” in the dub. A building next to it is also called “City Hall”.
  • The Giant Ferris Wheel of Odaiba is called a “satellite dish” in the dub, despite the fact that it clearly is not.
  • The dub removes a shot of a sign for Odaiba-kaihinkōen Station.
  • The “Yagami” nameplate at Taichi’s apartment is replaced by “Kamiya” in the dub.
  • “1999” is removed from the calendar, presumably as an attempt to keep the show from becoming outdated.
  • The dub accidentally makes the claims that Hikari has been to the Digital World before, and that her whistle came from summer camp. As the original pilot would not be dubbed into English for another year, the dub crew were most likely not aware of the plot hole these changes would create just yet.
  • Koromon defecating on the table is made less obvious in the dub by changing Hikari’s story about wetting the bed into one about falling in mud.
  • The message Koushiro sends is changed heavily. Originally, he tells Taichi to stay where he is in an uninterested tone of voice. In the dub, his message is more urgent, despite it not matching the blank look on his face. This creates another plot hole when Koushiro’s side of the conversation is seen in Episode 24.
  • A brief shot of the show that gets interrupted by the earthquake warning is removed in the dub, presumably due to the Japanese text.
  • The news reporter in the Japanese version simply states that an earthquake has just happened. In the dub, the reporter claims that several people have been seeing monsters, even though a big plot point in the original version is that Taichi and Hikari are the only ones who can see them.




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