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Japanese Title Other Titles Airdate Title Screen Next Episode
"Adrift? Island of Adventure! " 『漂流? 冒険の島!』 Usa.png And so it begins…
Germany.png So fing alles an
Spain.png Vacaciones de Verano
Portugal.png Férias de Verão
Jap.png March 7, 1999
Usa.png August 14, 1999
DA01 title jp.jpg DA02 prev jp.jpg
Adrift? Island of Adventure!
Hyouryū? Bouken no Shima!
"Explosive Evolution! Greymon " 『爆裂進化! グレイモン』 Usa.png The Birth of Greymon
Germany.png Greymons Geburt
Spain.png El Nacimiento de Greymon
Portugal.png O Nascimento de Greymon
Jap.png March 14, 1999
Usa.png August 21, 1999
DA02 title jp.jpg DA03 prev jp.jpg
Explosive Evolution! Greymon
Bakuretsu Shinka! Gureimon
"The Blue Wolf! Garurumon " 『蒼き狼! ガルルモン』 Usa.png Garurumon
Germany.png Nächtliches Abenteuer
Spain.png El Nacimiento de Garurumon
Portugal.png O Nascimento de Garurumon
Jap.png March 21, 1999
Usa.png August 28, 1999
DA03 title jp.jpg DA04 prev jp.jpg
The Blue Wolf! Garurumon
Aoki Ōkami! Garurumon
"Red Hot! Birdramon " 『灼熱! バードラモン』 Usa.png Biyomon Gets Firepower
Germany.png Im Dorf der Yokomon
Spain.png Sora en Peligro
Portugal.png Sora em Perigo
Jap.png March 28, 1999
Usa.png September 4, 1999
DA04 title jp.jpg DA05 prev jp.jpg
Red Hot! Birdramon
Shakunetsu! Bādoramon
"Lightning! Kabuterimon " 『電光! カブテリモン』 Usa.png Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker
Germany.png Die geheimnisvolle Fabrik
Spain.png Kabuterimon
Portugal.png Kabuterimon
Jap.png April 4, 1999
Usa.png September 11, 1999
DA05 title jp.jpg DA06 prev jp.jpg
Lightning! Kabuterimon
Denkou! Kabuterimon
"Palmon, Raging Evolution! " 『パルモン怒りの進化!』 Usa.png Togemon in Toy Town
Germany.png Der seltsame Bürgermeister
Spain.png La transformación de Palmon
Portugal.png A Transformação de Palmon
Jap.png April 11, 1999
Usa.png September 20, 1999
DA06 title jp.jpg DA07 prev jp.jpg
Palmon, Raging Evolution!
Parumon Ikari no Shinka!
"Roar! Ikkakumon " 『咆哮! イッカクモン』 Usa.png Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo
Germany.png Gomamons Verwandlung
Spain.png El rugido de Ikkakumon
Portugal.png O Rugido de Ikkakumon
Jap.png April 18, 1999
Usa.png September 21, 1999
DA07 title jp.jpg DA08 prev jp.jpg
Roar! Ikkakumon
Houkou! Ikkakumon
"Messenger of Darkness, Devimon! " 『闇の使者デビモン!』 Usa.png Evil Shows His Face
Germany.png Der Herr der Dunkelheit
Spain.png Devimon, el Mensajero de la Oscuridad
Portugal.png Devimon, o Mensageiro da Escuridão
Jap.png April 25, 1999
Usa.png September 22, 1999
DA08 title jp.jpg DA09 prev jp.jpg
Messenger of Darkness, Devimon!
Yami no Shisha Debimon!
"Clash! The Freezing Digimon " 『激突! 冷凍デジモン』 Usa.png Subzero Ice Punch!
Germany.png Verschollen in Eis und Schnee
Spain.png El choque con los Digimon más fríos
Portugal.png O Choque com os Digimons Mais Frios
Jap.png May 2, 1999
Usa.png September 23, 1999
DA09 title jp.jpg DA10 prev jp.jpg
Clash! The Freezing Digimon
Gekitotsu! Reitou Dejimon
"Centalmon, The Guardian! " 『守護者ケンタルモン!』 Usa.png A Clue From The Digi-Past
Germany.png Das geheimnisvolle Labyrinth
Spain.png Centarumon, el Guardián
Portugal.png Centarumon o Guardião
Jap.png May 9, 1999
Usa.png September 24, 1999
DA10 title jp.jpg DA11 prev jp.jpg
Centalmon, The Guardian!
Shugosha Kentarumon!
"The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon " 『踊る亡霊! バケモン』 Usa.png The Dancing Digimon
Germany.png Tanz der Bakemon
Portugal.png Bakemon, o fantasma dançante
Jap.png May 16, 1999
Usa.png September 25, 1999
DA11 title jp.jpg DA12 prev jp.jpg
The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon
Odoru Bourei! Bakemon
"Adventure! Patamon and I " 『冒険! パタモンと僕』 Usa.png DigiBaby Boom
Germany.png DigiBaby-Boom
Portugal.png A Aventura de Patamon e T.K.
Jap.png May 23, 1999
Usa.png September 30, 1999
DA12 title jp.jpg DA13 prev jp.jpg
Adventure! Patamon and I
Bouken! Patamon to Boku
"Angemon's Awakening! " 『エンジェモン覚醒!』 Usa.png The Legend of the DigiDestined
Germany.png Die Legende der Digi-Ritter
Portugal.png O Aparecimento de Angemon
Jap.png May 30, 1999
Usa.png October 1, 1999
DA13 title jp.jpg DA14 prev jp.jpg
Angemon's Awakening!
Enjemon Kakusei!
"Departure - to a New Continent! " 『出航・新大陸へ!』 Usa.png Departure for a New Continent
Germany.png Abschied von der Insel
Portugal.png Partindo para um novo continente
Jap.png June 6, 1999
Usa.png October 2, 1999
DA14 title jp.jpg DA15 prev jp.jpg
Departure - to a New Continent!
Shukkou Shin Tairiku he!
"Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil " 『エテモン! 悪の花道』 Usa.png The Dark Network of Etemon
Germany.png Das erste Wappen
Portugal.png Etemon, O Terror do Cenário
Jap.png June 13, 1999
Usa.png October 4, 1999
DA15 title jp.jpg DA16 prev jp.jpg
Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil
Etemon! Aku no Hanamichi
"Dark Evolution! Skull Greymon " 『暗黒進化! スカルグレイモン』 Usa.png The Arrival of Skullgreymon
Germany.png Lektion für Taichi
Portugal.png A Digievolução Obscura, SkullGreymon
Jap.png June 20, 1999
Usa.png October 5, 1999
DA16 title jp.jpg DA17 prev jp.jpg
Dark Evolution! Skull Greymon
Ankoku Shinka! Sukarugureimon
"Cockatrimon, the Illusionary Ship's Captain! " 『幻船長コカトリモン!』 Usa.png The Crest of Sincerity
Germany.png Die Kaktusblüte
Portugal.png Kokatorimon, O Capitão do Navio Fantasma
Jap.png June 27, 1999
Usa.png October 6, 1999
DA17 title jp.jpg DA18 prev jp.jpg
Cockatrimon, the Illusionary Ship's Captain!
Maboroshi Senchou Kokatorimon!
"The Fairy! Piccolomon " 『妖精! ピッコロモン』 Usa.png The Piximon Cometh
Germany.png Schule des Lebens
Portugal.png Piximon, a Fada Digimon
Jap.png July 4, 1999
Usa.png October 7, 1999
DA18 title jp.jpg DA19 prev jp.jpg
The Fairy! Piccolomon
Yousei! Pikkoromon
"Nanomon of the Labyrinth " 『迷宮のナノモン』 Usa.png The Prisoner Of The Pyramid
Germany.png Der Gefangene der Pyramide
Portugal.png Datamon no Labirinto
Jap.png July 11, 1999
Usa.png October 8, 1999
DA19 title jp.jpg DA20 prev jp.jpg
Nanomon of the Labyrinth
Meikyū no Nanomon
"Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon " 『完全体進化! メタルグレイモン』 Usa.png The Earthquake Of MetalGreymon
Germany.png Bewährungsprobe
Portugal.png MetalGreymon, A Digievolução Perfeita
Jap.png July 25, 1999
Usa.png October 9, 1999
DA20 title jp.jpg DA21 prev jp.jpg
Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon
Kanzentai Shinka! Metarugureimon
"Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo! " 『コロモン東京大激突!』 Usa.png Home Away From Home
Germany.png Wieder zu Hause
Portugal.png A Grande Aventura de Koromon em Tóquio
Jap.png August 1, 1999
Usa.png October 16, 1999
DA21 title jp.jpg DA22 prev jp.jpg
Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo!
Koromon Tōkyō Daigekitotsu!
"The Whispering Imp, Pico Devimon " 『ささやく小悪魔ピコデビモン』 Usa.png Forget About It!
Germany.png Nichts als Lügen
Portugal.png DemiDevimon, O Pequeno Demónio Misterioso
Jap.png August 8, 1999
Usa.png October 23, 1999
DA22 title jp.jpg DA23 prev jp.jpg
The Whispering Imp, Pico Devimon
Sasayaku Koakuma Pikodebimon
"Oh Friend! Were Garurumon " 『友よ! ワーガルルモン』 Usa.png WereGarurumon's Diner
Germany.png Im Namen der Freundschaft
Portugal.png O Meu Amigo WereGarurumon
Jap.png August 15, 1999
Usa.png October 30, 1999
DA23 title jp.jpg DA24 prev jp.jpg
Oh Friend! Were Garurumon
Tomo yo! Wāgarurumon
"Breaking Through! Atlur Kabuterimon " 『撃破! アトラーカブテリモン』 Usa.png No Questions, Please
Germany.png Der Kampf um Izzys Wappen
Portugal.png O Poder do MegaKabuterimon
Jap.png August 22, 1999
Usa.png November 6, 1999
DA24 title jp.jpg DA25 prev jp.jpg
Breaking Through! Atlur Kabuterimon
Gekiha! Atorākabuterimon
"The Sleeping Tyrant! Tonosama Gekomon " 『眠れる暴君! トノサマゲコモン』 Usa.png Princess Karaoke
Germany.png Prinzessin Karaoke
Portugal.png ShogunGekomon, o Tirano Adormecido
Jap.png August 29, 1999
Usa.png November 6, 1999
DA25 title jp.jpg DA26 prev jp.jpg
The Sleeping Tyrant! Tonosama Gekomon
Nemureru Boukun! Tonosamagekomon
"Shining Wings! Garudamon " 『輝く翼! ガルダモン』 Usa.png Sora's Crest of Love
Germany.png Im Zeichen der Liebe
Portugal.png As Asas Brilhantes de Garudamon
Jap.png September 5, 1999
Usa.png November 13, 1999
DA26 title jp.jpg DA27 prev jp.jpg
Shining Wings! Garudamon
Kagayaku Tsubasa! Garudamon
"Vamdemon, the Castle of Darkness " 『闇の城ヴァンデモン』 Usa.png The Gateway To Home
Germany.png Das Tor zur Welt
Portugal.png O Castelo da Escuridão de Myotismon
Jap.png September 12, 1999
Usa.png November 20, 1999
DA27 title jp.jpg DA28 prev jp.jpg
Vamdemon, the Castle of Darkness
Yami no Shiro Vandemon
"The Chase! Hurry to Japan " 『追撃! 日本へ急げ』 Usa.png It's All In The Cards
Germany.png Sesam öffne dich
Portugal.png Perseguição, Há que Regressar ao Japão
Jap.png September 19, 1999
Usa.png November 27, 1999
DA28 title jp.jpg DA29 prev jp.jpg
The Chase! Hurry to Japan
Tsuigeki! Nippon he Isoge
"Mammon, the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka! " 『マンモン光が丘大激突!』 Usa.png Return to Highton View Terrace
Germany.png Der erste Kampf der Digimon
Portugal.png Combate em Hikarigaoka contra Mammothmon
Jap.png September 26, 1999
Usa.png December 11, 1999
DA29 title jp.jpg DA30 prev jp.jpg
Mammon, the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka!
Manmon Hikarigaoka Daigekitotsu!
"Digimon, the Great Tokyo Crossing " 『デジモン東京大横断』 Usa.png Almost Home Free
Germany.png Heimkehr mit Hindenissen
Portugal.png A Grande Travessia dos Digimon em Tóquio
Jap.png October 3, 1999
Usa.png December 11, 1999
DA30 title jp.jpg DA31 prev jp.jpg
Digimon, the Great Tokyo Crossing
Dejimon Tōkyō Daiōdan
"Raremon! The Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay " 『レアモン! 東京湾襲撃』 Usa.png The Eighth Digivice
Germany.png Der achte Digi-Ritter
Portugal.png Raremon Ataca na Baía de Tóquio
Jap.png October 10, 1999
Usa.png December 18, 1999
DA31 title jp.jpg DA32 prev jp.jpg
Raremon! The Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay
Raremon! Tōkyōwan Shūgeki
"Tokyo Tower is Hot! Death Meramon " 『熱いぜ東京タワー! デスメラモン』 Usa.png Gatomon Comes Calling
Germany.png Kari in Gefahr
Portugal.png SkullMeramon, a Ardente Torre de Tóquio
Jap.png October 17, 1999
Usa.png December 18, 1999
DA32 title jp.jpg DA33 prev jp.jpg
Tokyo Tower is Hot! Death Meramon
Atsui ze Tōkyō Tower! Desumeramon
"Pump and Gottsu are Shibuya-type Digimon " 『パンプとゴツは渋谷系デジモン』 Usa.png Out On The Town
Germany.png Freunde für einen kurzen Moment
Portugal.png Pumpkinmon e Gotsumon, Dois Digimons de Shibuya
Jap.png October 24, 1999
Usa.png January 29, 2000
DA33 title jp.jpg DA34 prev jp.jpg
Pump and Gottsu are Shibuya-type Digimon
Pampu to Gotsu ha Shibuyakei Dejimon
"Destiny's Bonds! Tailmon " 『運命の絆! テイルモン』 Usa.png The Eighth Child Revealed
Germany.png Endlich gefunden
Portugal.png Os Laços do Destino de Gatomon
Jap.png October 31, 1999
Usa.png February 5, 2000
DA34 title jp.jpg DA35 prev jp.jpg
Destiny's Bonds! Tailmon
Unmei no Kizuna! Teirumon
"The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilimon Blossoms " 『お台場の妖精! リリモン開花』 Usa.png Flower Power
Germany.png Die Nebelwand
Portugal.png Floresceu Lillymon, A Fada de Odaiba
Jap.png November 7, 1999
Usa.png February 5, 2000
DA35 title jp.jpg DA36 prev jp.jpg
The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilimon Blossoms
Odaiba no Yousei! Ririmon Kaika
"Break through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark! " 『結界突破! ズドモンスパーク!』 Usa.png City Under Siege
Germany.png Eine schwere Entscheidung
Portugal.png O Explosivo Golpe de Zudomon
Jap.png November 14, 1999
Usa.png February 12, 2000
DA36 title jp.jpg DA37 prev jp.jpg
Break through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark!
Kekkai Toppa! Zudomon Spark!
"Perfects Attack Together! Sparkling Angewomon " 『完全体総進撃! きらめくエンジェウーモン』 Usa.png Wizardmon's Gift
Germany.png Wizardmons Opfer
Portugal.png O Ataque dos Digimons Perfeitos, A Radiante Angewomon
Jap.png November 21, 1999
Usa.png February 12, 2000
DA37 title jp.jpg DA38 prev jp.jpg
Perfects Attack Together! Sparkling Angewomon
Kanzentai Sou Shingeki! Kirameku Enjeūmon
"Revival! The Devil Venom Vamdemon " 『復活! 魔王ヴェノムヴァンデモン』 Usa.png Prophecy
Germany.png Alle gegen VenomMyotismon
Portugal.png A Vingança de VenomMyotismon, O Rei Demónio
Jap.png November 28, 1999
Usa.png February 19, 2000
DA38 title jp.jpg DA39 prev jp.jpg
Revival! The Devil Venom Vamdemon
Fukkatsu! Maou Venomuvandemon
"Two Great Ultimate Evolutions! Get Rid of the Darkness! " 『二大究極進化! 闇をぶっとばせ!』 Usa.png The Battle for Earth
Germany.png Zusammentreffen zweier Welten
Portugal.png Duas Ultra Transformações, Acabemos com as Trevas
Jap.png December 5, 1999
Usa.png February 19, 2000
DA39 title jp.jpg DA40 prev jp.jpg
Two Great Ultimate Evolutions! Get Rid of the Darkness!
Ni Daikyūkyoku Shinka! Yami wo Buttobase!
"The Four Heavenly Kings of the Demonic Mountain! The Dark Masters! " 『魔の山の四天王! ダークマスターズ』 Usa.png Enter The Dark Masters
Germany.png Rückkehr in die DigiWelt
Portugal.png Os Mestres das Trevas, Os Quatro Imperadores da Montanha do Mal
Jap.png December 12, 1999
Usa.png February 26, 2000
DA40 title jp.jpg DA41 prev jp.jpg
The Four Heavenly Kings of the Demonic Mountain! The Dark Masters!
Ma no Yama no Shitenō! Dāku Masutāzu
"The Raging King of the Seas! Metal Seadramon " 『荒ぶる海の王! メタルシードラモン』 Usa.png Sea-Sick and Tired
Germany.png Seadramons Rache
Portugal.png MetalSeadramon, o Furioso Rei do Mar
Jap.png December 19, 1999
Usa.png February 26, 2000
DA41 title jp.jpg DA42 prev jp.jpg
The Raging King of the Seas! Metal Seadramon
Araburu Umi no Ou! Metarusīdoramon
"Silent Whamon on the Bottom of the Sea " 『沈黙の海底ホエーモン』 Usa.png Under Pressure
Germany.png Whamon, mein Held
Portugal.png Whamon e o Silencioso Fundo do Mar
Jap.png December 26, 1999
Usa.png March 4, 2000
DA42 title jp.jpg DA43 prev jp.jpg
Silent Whamon on the Bottom of the Sea
Chinmoku no Kaitei Hoēmon
"The Dangerous Game! Pinocchimon! " 『危険な遊戯! ピノッキモン』 Usa.png Playing Games
Germany.png T.K. wird erwachsen
Portugal.png O Perigoso Jogo de Puppetmon
Jap.png January 9, 2000
Usa.png March 25, 2000
DA43 title jp.jpg DA44 prev jp.jpg
The Dangerous Game! Pinocchimon!
Kiken na Yūgi! Pinokkimon
"Jyureimon of the Lost Forest " 『迷いの森のジュレイモン』 Usa.png Trash Day
Germany.png Cherrymons Intrige
Portugal.png Cherrymon, O Rei do Bosque da Confusão
Jap.png January 16, 2000
Usa.png April 1, 2000
DA44 title jp.jpg DA45 prev jp.jpg
Jyureimon of the Lost Forest
Mayoi no Mori no Jyureimon
"The Clashing Ultimates! War Greymon VS Metal Garurumon " 『究極体激突! ウォーグレイモンVSメタルガルルモン』 Usa.png The Ultimate Clash
Germany.png Bilder aus der Vergangheit
Portugal.png WarGreymon contra MetalGarurumon
Jap.png January 23, 2000
Usa.png April 8, 2000
DA45 title jp.jpg DA46 prev jp.jpg
The Clashing Ultimates! War Greymon VS Metal Garurumon
Kyūkyokutai Gekitotsu! Wōgureimon tai Metarugarurumon
"Metal Etemon Strikes Back " 『メタルエテモンの逆襲』 Usa.png Etemon's Comeback Tour
Germany.png Getrennte Wege
Portugal.png O Contra-Ataque de MetalEtemon
Jap.png January 30, 2000
Usa.png April 15, 2000
DA46 title jp.jpg DA47 prev jp.jpg
Metal Etemon Strikes Back
Metaru Etemon no Gyakushū
"Oh Wind! Oh Light! Saber Leomon " 『風よ! 光よ! サーベルレオモン』 Usa.png Ogremon's Honor
Germany.png Die Stadt des ewigen Anfangs
Portugal.png Vento, Luz, SaberLeomon
Jap.png February 6, 2000
Usa.png April 22, 2000
DA47 title jp.jpg DA48 prev jp.jpg
Oh Wind! Oh Light! Saber Leomon
Kaze yo! Hikari yo! Sāberureomon
"Bombing Mission! Mugendramon " 『爆撃指令! ムゲンドラモン』 Usa.png My Sister's Keeper
Germany.png Plan Z
Portugal.png A Ordem de Bombardear de Machinedramon
Jap.png February 13, 2000
Usa.png April 29, 2000
DA48 title jp.jpg DA49 prev jp.jpg
Bombing Mission! Mugendramon
Bakugeki Shirei! Mugendoramon
"Farewell Numemon " 『さらばヌメモン』 Usa.png The Crest of Light
Germany.png Wieder vereint
Portugal.png Adeus Numemons
Jap.png February 20, 2000
Usa.png May 6, 2000
DA49 title jp.jpg DA50 prev jp.jpg
Farewell Numemon
Saraba Numemon
"Catfight! Lady Devimon " 『女の戦い! レディデビモン』 Usa.png Joe's Battle
Germany.png LadyDavimon
Portugal.png LadyDevimon e a Luta das Raparigas
Jap.png February 27, 2000
Usa.png May 13, 2000
DA50 title jp.jpg DA51 prev jp.jpg
Catfight! Lady Devimon
Onna no Tatakai! Redidebimon
"The Clown from Hell, Piemon " 『地獄の道化師 ピエモン』 Usa.png The Crest of Friendship
Germany.png Der Höllenclown
Portugal.png Piedmon, o Palhaço Infernal
Jap.png March 5, 2000
Usa.png May 20, 2000
DA51 title jp.jpg DA52 prev jp.jpg
The Clown from Hell, Piemon
Jigoku no Doukeshi Piemon
"The Holy Swordsman! Holy Angemon " 『聖剣士! ホーリーエンジェモン』 Usa.png Piedmon's Last Jest
Germany.png Der letzte Meister der Dunkelheit
Portugal.png MagnaAngemon, o Cavaleiro Sagrado
Jap.png March 12, 2000
Usa.png May 20, 2000
DA52 title jp.jpg DA53 prev jp.jpg
The Holy Swordsman! Holy Angemon
Seikenshi! Hōrīenjemon"
"The Final Dark Digimon " 『最後の暗黒デジモン』 Usa.png Now Apocalymon
Germany.png Ein neuer Feind
Portugal.png O Último Digimon das Trevas
Jap.png March 19, 2000
Usa.png June 24, 2000
DA53 title jp.jpg DA54 prev jp.jpg
The Final Dark Digimon
Saigo no Ankoku Dejimon
"A New World " 『新たな世界』 Usa.png The Fate of Two Worlds
Germany.png Abschied ohne Wiedersehen?
Portugal.png O Novo Mundo
Jap.png March 26, 2000
Usa.png June 24, 2000
DA54 title jp.jpg 100px
A New World
Aratana Sekai