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Homeostasis (ホメオスタシス, Homeosutashisu) is an entity in Digimon Adventure. It has the ability to speak through those willing to accommodate it. Very little is currently known about it, as little information was given on it in the anime. However, its name was given in the novelization of the series.

Homeostasis also appears in the Digimon Xros Wars manga. Here, Homeostasis was a digital entity meant to take care of the Digital World after Yggdrasill had gone berserk in the past and attempted to destroy the human world. Homeostasis was created as a response to that, to work as Yggdrasill's successor and to be a more calm and protective god. Homeostasis was questioned by Bagramon about the world's justice before his fall from grace[1], and it was the one who made the prediction of Zeed Millenniumon's appearance in the future based on data it had acquired after carefully scanning the Digital World.[2]

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