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Dark Knightmon (Blastmon) forced Shademon (Nene Ver.) to Force DigiXros him with Lilithmon despite the danger to his own mind, and appeared before Bagramon in this form in "Xros Apocalypse!! The Beast of Revelation!!". As Shademon warned him, he had lost all his sense of self due to the multiple continuous Force DigiXrosses with strong Digimon, causing his speech to become slurred, and he became obsessed with his power so he would not be hated or threatened because he could now destroy anything and kill anyone he wanted. He also could not remember Bagramon or even his own name, but he did not care, he only cared about power, which Bagramon took as proof that people souls could not overcome the misdeeds of their past lives. For the insane Dark Knightmon, this only meant that Bagramon was terrified of him, and he ordered Shademon to Force DigiXros them. However, Bagramon stopped her and revealed that Shademon had always worked for him, and that he had given Dark Knightmon Shademon's larva and knowledge of the Xros Loader in the first place, though he could not remember it. He then revealed that Dark Knightmon was born reflecting the despairing hearts of people and that he created the Xros Loader and summoned skillful humans for a clash between hope and despair. With Dark Knightmon fully losing himself in his lust of power, Bagramon claimed despair the winner, and therefore the Digital World would only degrade even further with time. Before that could happen, however, he had Shademon open a Digital Gate to summon Millenniumon, who he had captured and recovered with his Invisible Snake-eyes. Shademon then Force DigiXrossed Millenniumon and Dark Knightmon (Lilithmon), which Dark Knightmon welcomed as they could devour both worlds together.

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