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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Time Destroyer [6] タイムデストロイヤー Taimu Desutoroiyā Time Destroyer[6]
Fires a spiral of energy that consigns opponents to oblivion across space and time.[6][9]
Creates a tear in space-time to swallow the opponents. [10]
Summons meteors and drops them on the enemies.[8]
Chrono Paradox[N 3] [7] クロノ・パラドックス Kurono Paradokkusu Chrono Paradox[11]
Opens a rift in space-time.[12]
Fires two destructive atomic rays from its mouths that freeze opponents in space-time.[11]
Time Unlimited [11] タイムアンリミテッド Taimu Anrimiteddo Time Unlimited[11] Imprisons the opponent in a dark spherical dimension where time is compressed.[11]
Dimension Destroyer [11] ディメンジョンデストロイヤー Dimenjon Desutoroiyā Dimension Destroyer[11] Detonates space-time around the opponent.[11]
[N 4] [13]

Fires a barrage of fireballs from its Chimairamon head and ice crystals from its Mugendramon head.[13]


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Evolves To[edit]



Digimon Adventure:[edit]

A bandless Zeed Millenniumon appears as a silhouette during Lopmon's flashback to the war of the past in "A New Darkness, Millenniumon". Which could not be controlled by Dark Digimon due to its power.

After his defeat, several fragments of his body fell onto the Infinity Continent, taking the form of crystals, which could be used in different ways by his servants.

In "Hikari of Dawn", the Vademon's sect use the crystals as a system that would connect Skull Knightmon's current location with FAGA, allowing them to initiate Skull Knightmon and Yagami Hikari's sacrifice ritual to revive Millenniumon. Though Vademon's plan fails, Moon Millenniumon is able to use the connection and escape to FAGA, going on to inhabit the giant crystal there.

In "The Glowing Angewomon", Yagami Taichi's group is confronted by Marin Devimon, the physical form of one of Zeed Millenniumon's fragments, who shows the ability to release Miasma from his body, attempting to corrupt Tailmon into Dark Knightmon once again. After Hikari is able to free Tailmon from the Miasma's influence and help her overcome her fear of evolving, Tailmon evolves into Angewomon, hitting the fragment inside Marin Devimon with her Holy Arrow, definitively destroying it.

In "The Blazing Blue Friendship", Mephismon uses one of the fragments in a ritual, where after its shadow reaches the crucified sacrifice, the target suffers extreme pain and is destroyed, having its data absorbed by the crystal. After being defeated by Were Garurumon: Sagittarius Mode's Kaiser Nail (empowered by Metal Garurumon's aura), both Mephismon and the crystal explode into data.

After Millenniumon was killed by Goddramon and Holydramon after their violent battle in "The End, The Ultimate Holy Battle", his soul managed to survive and evolve into Zeed Millenniumon (this time with a immeasurable size and with the bands presents), as a last attempt to destroy the Chosen Children and the Digital World.

He is destroyed once and for all after being hit by War Greymon's Gaia Force, who received the Light of Hope from the Chosen Children, the Digimon they met on their journey, and the Digital World itself, in addition to the combined energy of the two Holy Dragons.

In "The Crest of Courage", Valkyrimon reveals to Taichi that during the war of the past, after Zeed Millenniumon launched a powerful attack that killed Hououmon, Herakle Kabuterimon, Vikemon and Rosemon, the "Great Power" was invoked on the battlefield, fusing the War Greymon's and Metal Garurumon's dying bodies into Omegamon, which cuts off Zeed Millenniumon's left head, giving the opening for Seraphimon and Ofanimon to destroy him.

Zeed Millenniumon from Digimon Adventure:
Zeed Millenniumon's silhouette in Digimon Adventure:

Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

After absorbing the life energies of Igashira Toru, Igashira Kotoha and Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro while pretending to be Jinno Manami, Moon Millenniumon resurrected as Zeed Millenniumon in "Ressurection". As Zeed Millenniumon, it intended to destroy the world through a black hole it opened. However, Jinno Manami guided the heroes into attacking her, as despite being within Zeed Millenniumon she was not part of it and thus would serve as a weak point, and she was already dead, so they would not be killing her. Siriusmon and Diarbbitmon did as she wanted, stopping Zeed Millenniumon and returning him to a sleeping Moon Millenniumon, which Amanokawa Hiro took with him.

Zeed Millenniumon from Digimon Ghost Game


Ryo's Story![edit]

ENIAC sent Akiyama Ryo and Monodramon to the future to face Moon=Millenniummon (Moon Millenniumon) in his final digivolved (evolved) form: Xeedmillenniummon (Zeed Millenniumon), who Monodramon faced by shooting beams from his hands. Monodramon then forced a DNA Digivolution (Jogress Evolution) between himself and Xeedmillenniummon after realizing that it was the only way to defeat him. Together, they became Cyberdramon, but the part of Cyberdramon that was Xeedmillenniummon made him hard to control so he had to bring him to the Digital World they now lived in.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Zeed Millenniumon appeared in XWM18. The coming of Zeed Millenniumon was predicted by Homeostasis as a two-headed dragon that would destroy the world. The prediction becomes true after Shademon (Nene Ver.) forces a DigiXros between Millenniumon and Dark Knightmon and as a result Zeed Millenniumon is created. Dark Knightmon also acknowledges the evil mastermind known as Millenniumon from the past that ruled the Digital World, lacking this reincarnation any sort of intelligence or cunning unlike the primeval one. The beast starts absorbing all data around it and assimilating it with its own body, proving to be practically undefeatable from the outside, as all attacks are ineffective. However, from the inside, Kudou Taiki, Aonuma Kiriha and Amano Kotone are able to undo the DigiXros and destroy Zeed Millenniumon.

Zeed Millenniumon from Digimon Xros Wars.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer[edit]

Zeed Millenniumon is the main antagonist and final boss of the game. It is additionally an obtainable Digimon, being an alternate evolution option for Cyberdramon, accessible by equipping him with the PF-Millennium card while he has devolved from Justimon at least once already. This card is handed out by an NPC after defeating the final boss, but can be obtained beforehand through Card Jogress.

Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5[edit]

This Digimon is the true final boss of the game.

Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight[edit]

A Zeed Millenniumon appears as a member of Gaia Origin, faced in battle directly after Susanoomon and before the dual match against Alphamon and Omegamon. Its personality is noticeably taciturn, but Alphamon and Omegamon remark that it appears to be pleased with the strength of Koh/Sayo after their battle.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

Appears in one of the battles at Kernel tournament.

Digimon Life[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red[edit]

A member of the ROG Organization that leads a group of evil Digimon that all seem to worship it. This Zeed Millenniumon doesn't really talk other than with a very robotic voice. It is later revealed that Zeed Millenniumon is just a puppet that Barbamon controlled in order to gather a team of Digimon that could be trained in order to become sacrifices for Armamon, the ultimate Weapon Digimon. After being defeated by Xros Heart, it is absorbed by the Demon Lord for its "hatred data".

Digimon Collectors[edit]

In one of Digimon Collectors' subplots, "Parallel World Traveler", a mysterious Digimon keeps repeating the same day, ending with a dream about Zeed Millenniumon.

Digimon Crusader[edit]

In one of Digimon Crusader's cutscenes, there's a Millenniumon created by Andromon as a mindless beast used for power. In order to start a revolution for its species, Andromon created it from his previous studies as the perfect weapon.

In the localized version, Digimon Heroes, included an event about Zeed Millenniumon. It involved "fake" dreams and had the Evil God wanting the protagonist to remove the seals so that it could rule the universe.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Zeed Millenniumon is only obtainable as a collectible card. Its card is part of the Millennium (ミレニアム Mireniamu) set.

Digimon Fortune[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Zeed Millenniumon is available as a Digimon Medal.

Digimon World -next 0rder-[edit]

Available as a collectable card.

Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Available as a collectable card.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

Zeed Millenniumon is available as a Digimon Medal.

Digimon Masters[edit]

Digimon RPG[edit]

Digimon ReArise[edit]

Zeed Millenniumon is implicitly mentioned in the Digimon Feature Quest "Tales of the Little Globin and Its Friend".

During Lucemon's attempt to revive Millenniumon, once the "Evil King" begins to pass through the portal and materialize, Lucemon states that he now only needs to "push him into his final, world-destroying form" in order to fulfill his ambition to go back in time to recreate the Digital World in his own way.

However, Millenniumon's rebirth is thwarted thanks to the combined efforts of Rasielmon, Lord Knightmon, Dynasmon, Mastemon, and the ghosts of Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon.

Digimon New Century[edit]

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Digimon Xros Loader[edit]

Zeed Millenniumon is available by DigiXrossing Chaosdramon, Breakdramon, Mugendramon and Pteranomon.


Hyper Colosseum


Digimon Jintrix

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