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The world's Kernel from Digimon Next

The Kernel (カーネル, Kāneru), also known as "Heaven" (天界, Tenkai), "System World" (システムかい, Shisutemu kai) and "Realm of God" (神の領域, Kami no Ryōiki), is the core of the Digital World's universe as well as being God's domain, the place closest to Yggdrasill and where the host computer lives. It is rumored to be the place where all data in the Digital World is computed, to the point it's said if something goes wrong there, the Digital World will collapse. This place exists in a higher dimension to that of the Digital World itself and all Angel Digimon come from here. It is the primary duty of the Three Archangels to protect this place and lead God's Army.[1][2][3][4][5] Rasielmon possesses the mysterious power to foresee everything in the world from there.[6] The Angel Army are emissaries of the Kernel.[7]



Digimon Chronicle[edit]

The world's Kernel from Digimon Chronicle

At the end of the story, Omegamon X-Antibody confronts Alphamon in the center of the world, the area closest to Yggdrasill

Digimon Next[edit]

Inside Yggdrasill resides the System World, also known as the Kernel that overrides all of the textures. It is protected by angel digimon such as HolyAngemon.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Bagramon brought up to Homeostasis his concern after noticing the human feelings of despair were releasing more dark Digimon and affecting the balance of the Digital World, being eventually banished from the Realm of God.

Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

When Ofanimon (X-Antibody) and Cherubimon (Virtue) (X-Antibody) joined the battle between the Royal Knights and the Seven Great Demon Lords, Seraphimon stayed behind to protect the Kernel. During the final showdown against Ogudomon X-Antibody, Alphamon: Ouryuken, Omegamon X-Antibody, Kouta and Yuuji traveled to the Kernel of the New Digital World, the Realm of God, where they used their own data to stabilize the Old Digital World.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Lucemon manifests its will to return to the Heaven of the Digital World after being purified during the final battle in the highest area of the DigiTower.

Digimon Linkz[edit]

Metallicdramon rules the heavens and has administrative privileges that allows it to manipulate old Digital World's data, reconfiguring Human World's data to assist in the development of the Digital World. It is the highest-level security protector of the Digital World's center.

The world's Kernel from Digimon Linkz

Digimon ReArise[edit]

The Kernel contains all information about the Digital World, both past and future and is referred to as God's Territory, with Angel Digimon protecting it and hiding it from anyone else being able to access it. If anyone were to access it, its power is so vast it could even be used to remake the entire World.

Rasielmon is able to see the future and witness all things in the Digital World due to the power imbued in it by the Kernel.

Using the power of the Spirals, the massive amount of energy from the Digicores of the Four Holy Beasts, and the data contained in the Three Archangels, Futami Eiji was able to create a portal to access the Kernel. Said portal has the form of an enormous pillar of light.

After successfully invading the Kernel, Eiji uses his program to analyze the data contained in the Kernel, but to no avail. However, as the Protagonist, Rasenmon, Mon and Jesmon, who managed to follow Eiji, continue their pursuit, they witness several memories of a woman who got lost in the Digital World. Said memories were being displayed due to the cluttered data contained in the Kernel reacting to Eiji and Mon, and when Eiji succeeds in analyzing the data, it is revealed that the lost woman was none other than their deceased mother.

Upon discovering the truth about his mother's death, seeing that all his efforts to rescue her were in vain, Eiji begins to collapse, and before he can process that Mon is his sister, he is attacked from behind by the Red-Eyed Spiral, which begins to speak, and introduces itself as Spiral Origin.

Origin reveals that he allied himself with Eiji only to reach the Kernel, and using his newly acquired power, is able to easily defeat Rasenmon and Jesmon, revealing that he intends to use the Kernel to make the Digital World collapse and with his data create a world of Spirals, then driving the group, including Eiji, back to the Digital World.

With Origin in control of God's Territory, several cracks begin to appear around the skies and landscapes of the Digital World, at the same time emitting a strong static noise, in addition, not even the Three Archangels are able to access the Kernel, since Origin is using the program that Eiji developed to not be followed once his invasion is successful.

Later in the story, Rasenmon, with the aid of a new program from Eiji, is able to open a portal to the Kernel directly from the heart of the Dark Area, using its unique connection to the Spiral. However, Origin intercepts them before they pass through the portal, and a new portal appears releasing three gigantic Spirals in the form of Huanglongmon, Lucemon: Satan Mode and Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode. Origin says that he created these new Spirals using the data of powerful Ultimate Digimon contained in the Kernel, a new set of guardians, which he names "Spiral Guardians".

In parallel with the events of the main story, it is revealed that the inaccessible Kernel has affected Rasielmon's powers, with Lucemon even calling her a "half-powered angel".

Lucemon also claims before Lord Knightmon and Dynasmon that now that even the Kernel has been compromised, there is nothing either of them can do to reverse the world's collapse, prompting him to plan to use Millenniumon's power to return to the past, where he could recreate the world his way.

The Kernel from Digimon ReArise.


  • In the Digimon Xros Loader, the Eleventh Zone of the Quest Mode takes inspiration from the concept of the Kernel.
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