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The New Digital World (NEWデジタルワールド New Dejitaru Wārudo), initialed to NDW, is a region of subspace created by the Host Computer, Yggdrasill as a result of the current Digital World reaching its maximum capacity.

New Digital World Explanation

The NDW is an experimental virtual space that does not accumulate data to the Host Computer itself. It is designed on a three-tiered "Chronicle Layer System" 「クロニクルレイヤーシステム Kuronikuru Reiyā Shisutemu」 and designed to accommodate a Digimon's evolutionary type. These three layers are known as terminals: (Ulud), (Versandi), and (Skuld). The Skuld Terminal represents the future and is inhabited by Artificial Evolution Digimon. The Ulud Terminal represents the past and is the habitat of Ancient types, including Dinosaur-type Digimon. The Versandi Terminal represents the present and is where Digimon of all variety inhabit.

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