Doumoto Kouta

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Doumoto Kouta
Doumoto Kouta
Kanji/Kana 堂本コータ
Dub Name Kota Domoto[1]
Partner Digimon DORUmon
Digivice Blue Digimon Pendulum X

Doumoto Kouta is the lead protagonist of Digimon Chronicle.


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Digimon Chronicle[edit]

In "X-Evolution", in the Versandi Terminal of the New Digital World, Kouta and DORUmon escaped from Okuwamon. Kouta threw his cape at Okuwamon, then activated the X-Cast and XAI System of his Digimon Pendulum X so DORUmon could shoot a strengthened Metal Cannon at Okuwamon. However, it didn't hurt the Perfect, who countered with Scissors Arms Omega, knocking DORUmon down while pointing out the Child had given it a hard time. Kouta and DORUmon worried for each other as Okuwamon got closer to them. It then realized that the red light and XAI System meant DORUmon had the X-Antibody, and therefore, it could get it by killing him. Kouta refused to give up the X-Antibody and put himself between the Digimon, vowing to protect DORUmon. Okuwamon just attacked Kouta, considering him powerless, but it was blocked by the sudden appearance of War Greymon (X-Antibody), who couldn't ignore a young child being attacked. Okuwamon was shocked the Ultimate had gotten the X-Antibody but demanded him not to get in its way as it also wanted the X-Antibody. War Greymon proclaimed that Digimon like Okuwamon should never obtain the new power and that Kouta needed it. After that, Kouta heard DORUmon's heart from the XAI System. The Pendulum X and its XAI shone, and DORUmon evolved.

In "Dark Evolution", Kouta and DORUmon laid on the ground. Omegamon (X-Antibody) proclaimed that Death-X-Evolution, the seemingly-endless X-Reformation, would be destroyed, and attacked them with All Delete. However, the attack was blocked by Dukemon (X-Antibody)'s Sieg Saber.

In the Versandi Terminal of the New Digital World, Raptordramon suddenly stopped running, throwing Kouta from his back. Kouta complained, but Raptordramon was focused on the smell of battle. Kouta looked at his Digimon Pendulum X, which showed the lowest X-Level, and wondered how he could become friends with Raptordramon. The Pendulum X answered that Raptordramon was a "battle type" that couldn't live through friendship alone, and Raptordramon ran off on his own. Following him, they found a group of dead Raptordramon, and that they were surrounded by an army of Kuwagamon (X-Antibody) and Okuwamon (X-Antibody) led by Grandis Kuwagamon, who ordered its followers to kill Kouta and Raptordramon to remove the X-Reformation. From the Pendulum X, Kouta heard Raptordramon's voice, telling him that they could not lose. Raptordramon attacked a Kuwagamon, as he told his Tamer through the Pendulum X that in this world of battle, they couldn't live through friendship alone. Kouta thought he was crazy and would get killed, but Raptordramon, with the X-Antibody flashing in his eyes, asked him why he was there. They remembered the events of the previous chapter, as Raptordramon explained that a Digimon and its Tamer fought and aimed high together, and because of the fate that jolted their soul, they met again to live. The X-Antibody shone in Kouta's eyes, as Raptordramon X-Evolved into Grademon, who asked Kouta to awaken his power and soul, reflected as Alphamon. Kouta ordered his Partner Digimon to defeat Grandis Kuwagamon, and Grademon charged at the insect Digimon army.

In "X-CAST", in the Ulud Terminal of the New Digital World, Kouta and DORUgamon were being attacked by a group of Allomon (X-Antibody). Kouta wanted to crush them with the X-Cast, but the XAI System did not activate despite him shaking his Digimon Pendulum X. Kouta tried again, but it still did not work. Musha Yuuji then appeared, saying that Kouta was only strong with the power of his Digimon, and had his own Partner, Ryudamon, attack the Allomon with his Iaijin. Kouta was amazed at his precise Pendulum Attack, and Yuuji said he didn't need the X-Cast but there was no limit to it. They were then blinded by explosions caused by the massive firepower of Metal Garurumon (X-Antibody), who Yuuji acknowledged as the Battle General, and asked him to leave where they were to them. Ultimate Brachimon then appeared, with Kouta shocked at how huge it was and it being an Ultimate level, while Yuuji was angry at seeing it again. Ultimate Brachimon attacked them with its Ultimate Blast. With Yuuji knocked out, Kouta and DORUgamon kept fighting Ultimate Brachimon, but their attacks harmlessly bounced off its armour.

In "Battle Evolution", in the Skuld Terminal of the New Digital World, Kouta, Yuuji, Alphamon and Ouryumon fought Death-X-mon. The Tamers sent their Partner Digimon forth, but Death-X-mon attacked Alphamon from a blind spot. Ouryumon took the attack and died, which angered Kouta, who urged Alphamon to keep fighting for life and for Digimon, to never lose again. The X-Antibody shone in their eyes, and Alphamon underwent a Blast Evolution, transforming Ouryumon's data into the Kyūkyoku Senjin Ouryūken, thus evolving together into Alphamon: Ouryuken. He proclaimed that the legendary great dragon became his power and screamed to live, then charged at Death-X-mon while performing Kyūkyoku Senjin Ouryūken, with both of his Tamers asking him to cut open their future.

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  1. BT18-078 (DCG) Duskmon can change any Tamer's Color into any other Color, except White.