Digimon Chronicle - Chapter 3

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Japanese "X-CAST"
Kanji/Kana X-CAST
Romanization "X-CAST"
Release Date August 10, 2003
"Battle Evolution"

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The third chapter of Digimon Chronicle. It corresponds to the Pendulum X 2.0.




In the Ulud Terminal of the New Digital World, Doumoto Kouta and DORUgamon were being attacked by a group of Allomon (X-Antibody). Kouta wanted to crush them with the X-Cast, but the XAI System did not activate despite him shaking his Digimon Pendulum X. Kouta tried again, but it still did not work. Musha Yuuji then appeared, saying that Kouta was only strong with the power of his Digimon, and had his own Partner, Ryudamon, attack the Allomon with his Iaijin. Kouta was amazed at his precise Pendulum Attack, and Yuuji said he didn't need the X-Cast but there was no limit to it. They were then blinded by explosions caused by the massive firepower of Metal Garurumon (X-Antibody), who Yuuji acknowledged as the Battle General, and asked him to leave where they were to them. Ultimate Brachimon then appeared, with Kouta shocked at how huge it was and it being an Ultimate level, while Yuuji was angry at seeing it again. Ultimate Brachimon attacked them with its Ultimate Blast, which reminded Yuuji of their last battle, where he fearlessly sent Ryudamon to attack the Ultimate-level, only to be defeated by that very same attack. Yuuji acknowledged his fault, and Metal Garurumon told them that a Tamer directed their Digimon and they fought and existed as one. To grow stronger, Yuuji then aimed for a perfect Pendulum, training 1000 times, and refused to let Ryudamon fight Ultimate Brachimon again.

In the present, Ryudamon woke up Yuuji, who had been knocked out by the Ultimate Blast and his arm was injured, but he still wanted to help Kouta and DORUgamon, whose attacks harmlessly bounced off Ultimate Brachimon's armour. Yuuji thought that only the X-Cast could deal a one-hit kill, but if he failed to do it properly, Ryudamon would be hurt. However, he refused to let himself be stopped by fear, and activated the XAI System by shaking his Digimon Pendulum X, even if it made his wounds bleed and cause him pain. With the X-Cast active, the X-Antibody shone in Ryudamon's eyes, and he attacked Ultimate Brachimon with Tera Burst.