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For the place, see Kernel.
Kanji/Kana カーネル
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Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

Kernel is an avatar of the creator of the Digital World, acting as the virtual clone of the human God of Digimon. In the continuity of Digimon Story, this person created Kernel as his virtual copy, some time before they died, to take his place and protect the Digital World, something that Kernel eventually failed to do, instead opposing Yggdrasill and destroying the evolutionary tree that rules this universe.

Kernel believes that the existence of Tamers, Digimon and even Evolution is nothing but useless data that needs to be wiped out. The plan of the Erasers was to send all the Data back to where they came from, the Ancient Tree which is the origin of Data and Evolution itself.

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