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The Dark Area (ダークエリア, Dāku Eria), also known as Hell[1] (地獄, Jigoku) and the Underworld[2] (冥界, Meikai), is a jet-black, abyssal "graveyard of deleted data"[3] that is governed by Plutomon[4] and located within a spatial distortion of the Digital World[5], below the Dark Web, the deepest part of the Net Ocean.[6] How it came to be within the Digital World is a mystery whose secrets are known to be held by Grand Dracumon.[7] It is also serves as the place to which Digimon are ultimately transmitted when their life span finishes or they are defeated in battle, and is guarded and supervised by Anubimon, who constantly surveys the arriving data; if their data is good, it will reset them back to a Digitama, but if they are evil, it imprisons them within the eternal darkness.[8]The lower layer of the Dark Area is called Cocytos, where the Seven Great Demon Lords had their castles.[9]



Digimon Frontier[edit]

The Dark Area depicted in Digimon Frontier

The Dark Area is a dark orb of energy at the center of the Digital World where Lucemon was banished after being defeated by the Warrior Ten. From within it Lucemon was still able to recreate the Royal Knights to gather the energy necessary to free him. After becoming Lucemon Falldown Mode he returns to it briefly to recruit the "corrupted souls", who were also imprisoned there, to open a gateway to the real world. The Chosen Children arrive and battle Lucemon Falldown Mode before he enters the portal and defeats him. However, when he is scanned he leaves behind a black Digitama that assimilates the Dark Area as it evolves into Lucemon Satan Mode. Lucemon Satan Mode carried the Dark Area in its arms, while inside the Dark Area was Lucemon Larva, who controlled Lucemon Satan Mode's movements. On his second attempt Susanoomon breaks into the Dark Area and knocks Lucemon Larva out of it causing the Dark Area to fall apart.


Digimon Next[edit]

Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

In chapter 6 it is revealed that the Dark Area was barely affected by the Project Ark because its a separate layer from the Digital World.

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