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As a Demon Lord Digimon which has the appearance of a woman, it is one of the "Seven Great Demon Lords". It is thought that it was originally the same kind of Digimon as Ofanimon, but it fell from heaven and eventually became known as the "Goddess of Darkness". It confounds its opponents with its bewitchingly lovely appearance, and it is said that those who are taken in by its temptations are invariably granted death. Its reputation as the "Goddess of Darkness" is appropriate, as it offers generosity towards vice, but only cruel outrages towards virtue. The demonic "Nazar Nail" on its right arm corrodes everything it touches. Its Special Move is rotting the opponent's body with a sigh of darkness (Phantom Pain). It is said that if one is struck by this curse, their data dissipates from the tips of their body and they suffer pain even in death.
The effect on Lilithmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
Having X-evolved because of its obsession for beauty, Lilithmon obtained a young, bewitching body. It is said that its appearance captivates everyone who sees it, instantly turning them into its puppets. Lilithmon, who achieved ultimate beauty, has turned into a luscious, baleful goddess of death due to its generous capacity. Its Special Move is drawing out power from the Crown of Lust to control others over a vast range (Seventh Fascinate). Digimon that have turned into its puppets have their power drawn out beyond their limits, leading to their death after being controlled. Lilithmon itself watches with pleasure as their lights shine and fade away in their last moments.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Nazar Nail [1] ナザルネイル Nazaru Neiru Uses its golden claw on its right hand to corrode anything they touch.
Phantom Pain [1] ファントムペイン Fantomu Pein Curses the opponent with a breath of darkness that rots their body and data. Can also take the form of dark power released from a magic circle.
Seventh Fascinate [1] セブンス・ファシネイト Sebunsu Fashineito Draws out power from the Crown of Lust to control others over a vast range.


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Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

Lilithmon X-Antibody is the mastermind that was controlling a swarm of thousands of evil Digimon trying to break through the gate that was sealing them in the Dark Area. She managed to infect Examon's huge body with X-Program almost finishing it off with her Nazar Nail and subsequently triggering its further evolution to Examon X-Antibody. After the Seven Great Demon Lords were rendered powerless by the Royal Knights, their bodies were transferred to the Dark Area's lowest level Cocytus and absorbed by Diablomon X-Antibody under the control of Lucemon X-Antibody.

Lilithmon (X-Antibody) using her Seventh Fascinate in Digimon Chronicle X.

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It evolves from Ofanimon: Falldown Mode (X-Antibody), Rosemon (X-Antibody) or Metal Piranimon.

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  1. Lilithmon (X-Antibody)'s initial artwork was illustrated by Nakano Haito.