Lilithmon (X-Antibody)

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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Nazar Nail [1] ナザルネイル Nazaru Neiru Uses its golden claw on its right hand to corrode anything they touch.
Phantom Pain [1] ファントムペイン Fantomu Pein Curses the opponent with a breath of darkness that rots their body and data. Can also take the form of dark power released from a magic circle.
Seventh Fascinate [1] セブンス・ファシネイト Sebunsu Fashineito Draws out power from the Crown of Lust to control others over a vast range.


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Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

Lilithmon X-Antibody is the mastermind that was controlling a swarm of thousands of evil Digimon trying to break through the gate that was sealing them in the Dark Area. She managed to infect Examon's huge body with X-Program almost finishing it off with her Nazar Nail and subsequently triggering its further evolution to Examon X-Antibody. After the Seven Great Demon Lords were rendered powerless by the Royal Knights, their bodies were transferred to the Dark Area's lowest level Cocytus and absorbed by Diablomon X-Antibody under the control of Lucemon X-Antibody.

Lilithmon (X-Antibody) using her Seventh Fascinate in Digimon Chronicle X.

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Digital Monster X Ver.2[edit]

It evolves from Ofanimon: Falldown Mode (X-Antibody), Rosemon (X-Antibody) or Metal Piranimon.

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Digital Monster X Ver.2

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References Notes
  1. Lilithmon (X-Antibody)'s initial artwork was illustrated by Nakano Haito.