Ogudomon (X-Antibody)

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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Catedral [1] Esp: Cathedral カテドラール Katedorāru Produces a shock wave from its "mouth".
Gradus [1] Lat: Step グラドゥス Guradusu Pulverises the opponent with its enormous legs.
Oratio Grandioloqua [1][N 2] Lat: Rhapsody (Bandai)
Lat: Grandiloquent Speech (Literal)
オーラーティオ・グランディオロクア Ōrātio Gurandiorokua Runs wild after its own lusts.
Destiny Death Destruction (Death 3) [1][N 3]
デスティニー・デス・デストラクション(Death3) Desutinī Desu Desutorakushon (Death 3) Transforms its six arms into gigantic spears, and fires beams that erase everything they touch.


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Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

Ogudomon X-Antibody borns after the seven Diablomon X-Antibody fuses with the data of the Seven Great Demon Lords with X-Antibody and the consciousness of Lucemon X-Antibody. Dukemon X-Antibody deduces that the data structure of Ogudomon X-Antibody is the same as that of God, and that it is taking advantage of his immunity to make the Digital World collapse. Diablomon X-Antibody starts to speak and is revealed as Lucemon X-Antibody using the body as a puppet, Lucemon X-Antibody reveals to JESmon (X-Antibody) that Ogudomon X-Antibody is now his own body and Diablomon X-Antibody's army is just an extension of him. Ogudomon X-Antibody is eventually defeated for good by JESmon GX.

Ogudomon (X-Antibody) against the Royal Knights in Digimon Chronicle X.

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Ogudomonx concept art.jpg OgudomonX Sketches.jpg Special illustration Digital Monster Art Book Ver.X.jpg
Digital Monster X Ver.3
(concept art)
Sketches from the Digital Monster Artbook Ver. X Digital Monster X series
(Special Illustration by Moriyama Soh)

Virtual Pets[edit]

Ogudomonx vpet dmx.gif
Digital Monster X Ver.3

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References Notes
  1. Ogudomon X-Antibody's initial artwork was illustrated by As'maria.
  2. Oratio Grandioloqua is Latin for "rhapsody"'. A more literal translation would be "great eloquent boast". It could also be a small misspelling of "Oratio Grandiloqua" (オーラティオグランディロクア Ōratio Gurandirokua) which can be alternatively translated as "grandiloquent speech", comparable to rhapsody from Latin. The kana for this at Digimon Reference Book appears slightly differently to what is displayed on the card (オーラーティオ・グランディオロクア Ōrātio Gurandiorokua).
  3. Death 3 is derived from the three "デス"s (which translate as "death") in "デスティニー・デス・デストラクション".
  4. In Digital Monster X 3, during the evolution of Diablomon (X-Antibody) to Ogudomon (X-Antibody), there is a small animation with the close-ups of the Seven Great Demon Lords before Ogudomon X emerges, referencing Diablomon X's possession over the group data.