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The Warrior Ten seen in the Tunnel of History

The Warrior Ten (十闘士 Juttōshi or alternatively 伝説の十闘士 Densetsu no Juttōshi; lit. "Legendary Ten Warriors" and 古代十闘士 Kodai Juttōshi; lit. "Ancient Ten Warriors") are ten Digimon that protected the Digital World in the past. After their fight against Lucemon, they each separated into a Human and Beast Spirit, used by the Legendary Chosen for Spirit Evolution. The abilities of each member of the Warrior Ten were latter passed on to certain types of Digimon.


Warrior Ten
十闘士 Juttōshi
Name Attribute Abilities Passed On To
Ancient Greymon Fire Dragon Digimon
Ancient Garurumon Light Beast Digimon
Ancient Beatmon Thunder Insect Digimon
Ancient Irismon Wind Bird Man and Fairy Digimon
Ancient Megatheriumon Ice Mammal and Icy Snow Digimon
Ancient Sphinxmon Darkness Mythical Beast and Demon Beast Digimon
Ancient Volcamon Earth Ore and Mineral Digimon
Ancient Troiamon Wood Plant Digimon
Ancient Mermaimon Water Aquatic Digimon
Ancient Wisemon Steel Mutant Digimon



Digimon Frontier[edit]

After Lucemon began his cruel rule of the Digital World they rose and defeated him sealing him into the Dark Area. After this they were separated into two spirits each (likely because they were injured in the battle). The Chosen Children later inherited these spirits to take their place.

Revival of the Ancient Digimon!![edit]

Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon brought down Ornismon. Their spirits and force were temporarily revived in order to defeat their enemy due to the legend of the island.


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