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The Digital Accident Tactics Squad (デジタル・アクシデント・タクティクス・スクワッド, Dejitaru Akushidento Takutikusu Sukuwaddo), initialed to DATS, is an organization that appears in Digimon Savers. It was established to maintain the peace between the Real World and the Digital World by neutralizing any disruptions caused by Digimon, reverting them to their Digitama state and transporting them back to the Digital World via a Digital Dive. The organization was under the jurisdiction of the National Confidentiality Ministry, overseen by the Ministry's representative, Director Hashiba.



Ten years prior the events of Digimon Savers, mysterious events were occurring. For no apparent reason, people began disappearing one after another. Yushima and Satsuma, detectives at the time, were investigating these sudden cases. In response to those events at the time, a special team was organized, that was the Digital World Exploration Party, the predecessors of DATS. After returning to Real World failing to find Ikuto, Professor Daimon, still in the Digital World, sent blueprints for the Digivice iC and plans to establish an organization which would eventually become DATS.

DATS Headquarters[edit]

After the DATS Team returned to the Real World upon the fall of Mercurymon, Kurata tricked Chief Hashiba into thinking that the members of DATS were traitors. In response to this, Hashiba orders them to have their memories erased as well as being put in confinement. After Masaru and the others managed to regain their memories, through the help of their partners, Kurata destroys the HQ building, before quickly escaping to the Digital World.

The Headquarters was eventually rebuilt as well as many areas globally, following the widespread destruction caused by the Royal Knights, Yggdrasill's rampage and the close collision between the Human and Digital Worlds. However, after the remaining Digimon in the Human World were sent back to the Digital World through the Digital Dive machine, the organization was disbanded.

Digimon Savers: Another Mission[edit]

Digimon Masters[edit]

DATS is an agency located in Yokohama Village, founded to deal with strange activities from the Digital World. Is the starting point of all Tamers in the game.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]