Daimon Suguru

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Daimon Suguru
Daimon Suguru
Full Title Professor Suguru Daimon
Kanji/Kana 大門 英 (大門 英博士)
Dub Name Spencer Damon
Organization Digital World Exploration Party
Partner Digimon Bancho Leomon
Digivice Yellow and Black Digivice iC
Family Daimon Sayuri (wife), Daimon Masaru (son), Daimon Chika (daughter)
Voice Actor Japanese Gouda Hozumi (郷田 ほづみ)
English Jeff Nimoy

Daimon Suguru is a character in Digimon Savers.


He is the father of Masaru and Chika.



Digimon Savers[edit]

Ten years ago, Suguru was Earth's lead researcher of the Digital World, and was part of the Digital World Exploration Party in search for the missing Noguchi Ikuto. He sought peace between Digimon and humans, and Mercurymon was the one to suggest that he should go to search for Yggdrasill, the omnipresent God of the Digital World. Before his quest in search for Yggdrasill, he gave Mercurymon a Digivice (which in the future came to be owned by Ikuto) and sent Kamemon and Kudamon as emissaries to the Real World, who became Yushima Hiroshi and Satsuma Rentarou's Partner Digimon respectively, along with the blueprints for the Digivice and plans to set up the Digital Accident Tactics Squad - DATS.

At one point during his travels in the Digital World, Suguru met El Doradimon, who was dehydrated. Suguru gathers Digisoul in his fist and punched the ground, creating a fissure that released water. From then on, Baromon and the other inhabitants of the Holy Capital have praised Suguru and referred to him as their Savior and Messiah.

After ten years searching for Yggdrasill, he encountered a Bancho Leomon and eventually the two became close. Upon confrontation with the Royal Knight Craniummon, Suguru evolved Bancho Leomon to his Burst Mode and disarmed Craniummon. Yggdrasill physically appeared, seeing at that Suguru would finally be able to make peace between Digimon and humans. However, when Kurata Akihiro attacked the Digital World the first time, Suguru was imprisoned by Yggdrasill. When Suguru bet his life that it wouldn't happen again, Bancho Leomon stood up for him and Yggdrasill gave Suguru another chance.

When Suguru heard of the news regarding Mercurymon's deletion under Kurata's massacre scheme reaching Yggdrasill, he questioned how Satsuma and Yushima could have allowed such a thing to occur. He also heard of a rumor that his son was also in the Digital World fighting off Kurata. He desperately urged Yggdrasill to release him, but Bancho Leomon said that he can't because he made a promise to Yggdrasill; he couldn't afford to break that promise.

When the other Royal Knights members surrounded Suguru to execute him, Bancho Leomon intervened and punched Suguru himself. After asking for forgiveness, Bancho Leomon asked that if they were to become one with each other so that he could at the same time watch over his son. Suguru's soul was transferred into Bancho Leomon before Yggdrasill took his body as hostage, threatening to destroy the body if under such circumstances they were to get involved in battle or reveal their true identity to anyone.

Using Suguru's body, Yggdrasill ordered the destruction of the Real World in order to save the Digital World, sending his Royal Knights out across the globe to destroy it. Masaru resolved to discover the truth of what his father had become, and embarked on a quest to find Yggdrasill again. However, much to his shock, he found out that his "father" does not recall any memories or feeling towards him. When Masaru fought against his "father", Bancho Leomon revealed that he is Suguru. After revealing the truth, he asked Masaru to destroy himself (in Bancho Leomon, holding down Yggdrasill) and Yggdrasill. Shine Greymon then took out the possessed Suguru, destroying both Suguru's and Bancho Leomon's bodies.

In the end, after Yggdrasill's defeat, Suguru's body was restored and he continued to live peacefully with his family.

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