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The National Confidentiality Ministry (国家機密庁, Kokka Kimitsu-chou) is a branch of the Japanese Government that oversees DATS, headed by Director Hashiba in Digimon Savers.

Digimon Savers[edit]

Ten years before the current events of series occurred, and in response to a string of mysterious incidents where people began disappearing one after the other for no apparent reason, the National Confidentiality Ministry gathered a group of people that specialized in different fields. In addition to police officers Yushima Hiroshi and Satsuma Rentarou, that group consisted of Daimon Suguru, his assistant Kurata Akihiro and the Noguchi couple, who were the leading experts in hyperspace research. This lead to the formation of the Digital World Exploration Party.[1]

Years later, Hashiba, along with three agents attempted to arrest the Noguchi couple arriving at their household under the suspicion of violating National Confidentiality Ministry rules and regulation by illegally creating the Digital Gate from which Hagurumon emerged, as well as continuing to conduct their research. However, after Ikuto falsely claimed responsibility for the incident and later escaped, Hashiba ordered the agents to search for him so that he could arrest him along with the rest of his family.[2]

After the incident with Saber Leomon and his subsequent deletion, the National Confidentiality Ministry ordered DATS to allow Kurata and his team to be transported to the Digital World so that peace negotiations with Mercurymon could take place, under Kurata's leadership.[3] Following Mercurymon's death and Kurata's escape, he alerted the National Confidentiality Ministry about DATS's "betrayal" by joining forces with Digimon and they placed Satsuma under arrest on charges of treason, and formally dismissed the members of DATS, followed by erasing their memories. Two weeks after the National Confidentiality Ministry imposed martial law as a result of the Digimon Army invasion, they rescinded that curfew after holding a press conference with Kurata and being reassured of safely, expressing their confidence in his strategies.[4]

Having escaped with the help of Kudamon, Satsuma directed Masaru and the others to infiltrate the hotel where the Ministry held the Noguchi family under house arrest and break them out. After successfully doing so, agents from the Ministry intercepted them and attempted to slow them down, but they managed to evade them due to Reppamon's intervention.[5]

Having realized that Kurata betrayed them after unleashing Belphemon and learning of his conquest for world domination, the National Confidentiality Ministry launched an aerial attack against Belphemon with missile-equipped helicopters, failing to inflict any damage.[6]


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