Yushima Hiroshi

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Yushima Hiroshi
Yushima Hiroshi
Full Title Commander Hiroshi Yushima
Kanji/Kana 湯島 浩 (湯島浩所長)
Dub Name Homer Yushima
Organization DATS, Digital World Exploration Party, Kanagawa Police HQ Special Investigations Unit
Partner Digimon Kamemon
Digivice Green Digivice iC
Voice Actor Japanese Nagashima Yuuichi (長島 雄一)
English Kirk Thornton

Yushima Hiroshi is a supporting character in Digimon Savers.


Hiroshi Yushima is the commander of DATS, was formally the Assistant Inspector of the Special Investigations Unit at the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters 「神奈川県警本部特捜隊 Kanagawa Kenkei Monbu Tokusoutai[1] and was one of the Digital World Exploration Party members.



Digimon Savers[edit]

At the beginning of the series, he appears as a mysterious old man and appears before Masaru, giving him his Digivice iC. He would appear on several occasions again, mostly at opportune times, in different costume, to give Masaru advice to aid him in his missions. Info regarding him was revealed when he went to the Digital World in order to aid Masaru and the others in their first encounter with Mercurymon at Infinite Ice Ridge. To save them from disaster, Yushima manages to execute a Digisoul Charge, making Kamemon, who was revealed to be his Partner Digimon in the episode, DS18, evolve to Gawappamon. He was eventually forced to help them escape back to the Human World, and disappeared in a cave-in.

He later reappeared in DS30, where he appeared to be captured by the inhabitants of the Holy Capital on El Doradimon's back. Until it was revealed that the Digimon saw Masaru's (who was also present) father as their savior, and they were set free. Yushima informs them of how he managed to escape from Infinite Ice Palace. Apparently, he was blown out of there along with Gawappamon as a result of the aftershock of Mercurymon's blast. After learning of Professor Daimon's quest in search for Yggdrasill, he and Kamemon decided to follow his tracks.

Later, Yushima helped in the fight against the Gizmon during the Holy Capital invasion, attempting to prevent them from attacking El Doradimon, who was later permanently deleted in the Human World. He is later seen assisting Thoma's younger sister, Relena, along with her father and in DS42, evolves Gawappamon to Shawujinmon to hoard off an army of Knightmon and fight against Lord Knightmon.

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Digimon Masters[edit]

Yushima is an NPC who sells the Tamer Digivices.

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