Relena Norstein

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Relena Norstein
Relena Norstein
Kanji/Kana リリナ・ノルシュタイン
Dub Name Relena Norstein
Family Franz Norstein (father), Grandmother Norstein (grandmother), Thoma H. Norstein (brother)
Voice Actor Japanese Ichimura Oma (壱智村 小真)
English Kari Wahlgren

Relena Norstein is a minor character in Digimon Savers.


Relena is the sickly younger half-sister of Thoma H. Norstein who lives with their father. Professor Kurata Akihiro made a deal with Thoma to cure his sister's illness in exchange for his technological expertise.



Digimon Savers[edit]

In Digimon Savers - Episode 42, it was revealed that when Relena was born, both she and her mother were in danger due to postnatal complications as a result of labor, so her grandmother ordered the doctors to do whatever they can to save her life. In the end she survived, but judging from the situation, her mother didn't. This implies that Relena and Thoma are agnate siblings.

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