Grandmother Norstein

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Grandmother Norstein
Grandmother Norstein
Kanji/Kana ノルシュタイン祖母
Dub Name Grandma Norstein
Family Franz Norstein (son), Thoma H. Norstein (grandson), Relena Norstein (granddaughter)
Voice Actor Japanese Tachibana Yūko (橘 U子)
English Susan Silo

Grandmother Norstein is a minor character in Digimon Savers.


She is Thoma and Relena's paternal grandmother, Franz's Mother. Being part of the Norstein Family, she is very aristocratic.



Digimon Savers[edit]

She appears in several flashbacks in DS42. She disapproved of Thoma inheriting the Norstein name and would not acknowledge him as a legitimate child of the bloodline due to his Japanese heritage from his late mother. She classed Thoma as still being a Norstein but yet paradoxically not a Norstein because of his inherited genetic phenotypes - blue eyes and blonde hair.

When Relena was born, both she and her mother were in danger due to postnatal complications as a result of labor, so she ordered the doctors to do whatever they can to save Relena's life. She brands Relena as a "true" Norstein and the rightful heir to the Norstein lineage, but because of her weak condition, possibly due to a congenital disease of such, she has no choice but to decide that Thoma is to be inheritor of the Norstein lineage. She also orders Franz to find a proper wife for him in an arranged marriage.