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Picture of a Digicore

A Digicore (デジコア, Dejikoa), also referred to as a Computer Kernel[1] (電脳核, Den'noukaku), is a program and data (a collection of numbers and symbols composed of binary code), said to be found at the center of a Digimon's body,[2] that controls the entirety of a Digimon, corresponding to their heart and brain,[1] and analogous to their soul.[3][4] What is perceived as monsters, cyborgs, among other things by the human eye is all down to information from the Digicore.[1] While a program cannot be classified as a Digimon unless it has a Digicore of its own,[5] in the case of ZERO-ARMS: Grani, it is not classified as a Digimon despite possessing a Digicore.[6] As a characteristic of Demon-species Digimon, they possess a Digicore concentrated with mighty powers of darkness called a Darkcore (ダークコア, Dākukoa).[7]

Because it is life-threatening to a Digimon if there are abnormalities in their Digicore, it is covered and protected by things such as their skeleton and skin,[1] although many Undead Digimon have rotted to such an extent that their Digicores are visible. In Mokumon's case, in order to protect its bare Digicore, it conceals it within a lot of smoke generated by the very thing that it is trying to protect, making it unique in that sense.[2][8] They can also become weapons themselves, capitalizing on their vast amount of information, and are sometimes placed outside the body. Normally, there is one Digicore per body,[9] but there are exceptions such as the Four Holy Beasts and Huanglongmon, who each have twelve orbiting their bodies.[9][10][11]

A Digimon can continue to exist long after its body has rotted away so long as its Digicore remains unharmed, but this also means that the Digicore is a point of failure for the Digimon, as the Digimon will immediately cease functioning if they lose their Digicore.[12][13] When a Digimon reaches the end of its life span, it compresses and converts its own Digicore into a Digitama, leaving behind its data to the next generation.[1]

When two Digimon undergo Jogress Evolution, their Digicores are normally totally fused, resulting in a single new Digimon; when this process is left incomplete, the resulting Digimon maintains its form in a very unstable state.[14][15] Ultimate Chaosmon, who is both an extremely powerful Ultimate Digimon and an incomplete Jogress, is thus unable to store its Digicores within its body, so they manifest bare.[16]

The size of a Digimon is determined by the amount of data and content embedded in their Digicore, and the size of the texture expressing their body.[1] As such, that data may be subject to being unable to be completely rendered due to technological limitations, especially if it is extraordinary in size.[17] The percentage of a specific element within a Digicore determines what and how certain features are expressed in a Digimon, in addition to their pedigree. In the case of Dramon-type Digimon, those that bear the "-dramon" suffix in their name must possess Dragon-factor data in their Digicore; the higher the percentage of that data, the more the shape of their body becomes a Dragon-type.[18][19]

In addition to producing immense amounts of energy, Digicores are also capable of generating intense heat,[20][21][22][23] even reaching the point of causing burns,[23] and are susceptible to overheating if a Digimon is overworked.[22]

In response to Program X, several Digimon survived by altering their Digicores. This caused Digimon to be reborn into a form that could take in the X-Program and eventually it came to a point where a program that opposed Program X was installed into the Digicore, thus creating the X-Antibody.

Prototype Digimon that exist from before Digimon were discovered have an outdated Interface on their brow, allowing them to reconfigure the data stored within their Digicores for such experiments and upon receiving the X-Antibody, release the data found at the deepest parts of their Digicore.[24] In some cases, Digimon can manifest from the "daydream of a Digicore" as a result of the Digicore's very own creativity being released through the Interface.[25][26]

Those that undergo Death-X-Evolution, among the DORU Series in particular, instinctively hunt the Digicores of other Digimon in order to remain active despite being deceased,[27][28][29] even to the point of requiring massive Digicores in order to evolve.[28]

The Digicores (souls) of sinners that fall into the Dark Area are cast into the sentient crimson flames "El Evangelio", which impose judgment upon and offer salvation to them. Being a Demon Lord type, Beelzebumon would have been completely eradicated by the flames under normal circumstances, including its own soul. However, having assimilated the X-Antibody into its body, Beelzebumon (X-Antibody) became able to suppress the will of El Evangelio without incurring the wrath of the flames.[30]



Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Qinglongmon gave Gennai one of his Digicores, allowing Paildramon to evolve into Imperialdramon for the first time.[31]


Digimon Next[edit]

The Black Digicore is an artifact that Barbamon uses to enslave Digimon and humans to his will.

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