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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Desperate Vortex [2] デスペレイトボルテックス Desupereito Borutekkusu Extends its large, spiral-shaped tails and skewers the opponent over and over again.
Predator's Bite [2] プレデターズバイト Puredatāzu Baito Pounces on the opponent, devouring their Digicore directly.
Spiral Hell [2] スパイラル・ヘル Supairaru Heru Indiscriminately attacks by rapidly spinning the blades on its wrists, tearing apart everything in their surroundings while generating tornadoes.


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Video Games[edit]

Digimon ReArise[edit]

Rasenmon: Fury Mode is the partner Digimon of the Player, with Stiffilmon evolving to it after fusing with a large group of Spiral. Grand Dracumon is later able to force Herrismon to evolve to Rasenmon: Fury Mode after brainwashing it with its Eye of the Gorgon attack.

Rasenmon: Fury Mode in Digimon ReArise

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Rasenmon gm.jpg Rasenmon Fury Mode HD.png
Digimon Reference Book Digital Monsters Artbook Ver. X
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Digimon ReArise
Digimon ReArise
(Anniversary Ver.)
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Digimon ReArise Digimon ReArise
(Anniversary Ver.)
Digimon ReArise
(Anniversary Ver.)
Rasenmon Fury Mode concept art.PNG Rasenmon fm anniversary.jpg
Concept art in Digital Monsters Artbook Ver. X Digimon ReArise
Anniversary Ver. (recolor)

Virtual Pets[edit]

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Digital Monster X Vital Bracelet BE

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