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They look a lot like Digimon, but they are nothing alike.

They appear together with Digital Points, and the purposes of their various actions, such as "expanding Digital Points" and "attracting Digimon to Digital Points," are unknown.

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The Spirals are Digital Lifeforms that originated as fragments of data which were generated by the rifts between the Real and Digital World, spontaneously materializing in both. The fragments developed their Hive Mind and quickly concluded that their purpose was to continue consolidating, but eventually grew lonely and resentful with feeling like outsiders to both Worlds. They initially attempted to achieve self-actualization by assembling into shapes resembling Digimon, but were unsatisfied with mere mimicry and ultimately began trying to create a Digimon-like vessel from their own data. On a fluke, one of their attempts resulted in Herissmon's Digitama. When Herissmon turned out to have his own sense of self, preventing assimilation, the Hive Mind originally discarded him as a failure.

However, they learned that Herissmon had managed to achieve self-actualization on his own, and decided to exploit his Spiral roots to mold him into their vessel. By attacking Herissmon continuously and en masse, they weakened him and forced him to "synchronize" with them, transforming him into Rasenmon: Fury Mode and successfully realizing their vessel. Unfortunately, the Hive Mind began panicking when they realized that by forcing Herissmon to assimilate with them, they had in turn been assimilated with Herissmon, and now felt his emotions and sense of self. In pain, they began lashing out wildly at the world around them.

Eventually Rasenmon would destroy itself - reverting Fury Mode back into a Digitama - however the Spiral refused to give up and continued in their goal to control Herissmon and finally be accepted in the World.

There are also GSpiral (Gスパイラル?), giant versions of Spira, and XSpiral (Xスパイラル?), a special type of Spiral that have access to an "X-Barrier". The "X-Barrier" reduces all damage for their team by 85%, though Digimon with the X-Antibody can bypass the Barrier entirely and deal regular damage, in addition to taking 25% less damage from the XSpiral's "X-Charge" attack though this is only applicable to Digimon like War Greymon (X-Antibody), and not natural carriers like Alphamon. DORUmon that evolve from Dorimon can also bypass the barrier.

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Digimon ReArise
(4004Y and 3003N)
Spiral Origin.png Spiral Saber Leomon.png G-Spiral-6097.png G-Spiral-6098.png
Digimon ReArise
(Spiral Origin, mutated 4004Y)
Digimon ReArise
(Saber Leomon Type)
Digimon ReArise
(G-Spiral-6097, Imperialdramon PM type)
Digimon ReArise
(G-Spiral-6098, Lucemon SM type)
G-Spiral-6099.png Spiral Origin Final Form.png
Digimon ReArise
(G-Spiral-6099, Huanglongmon type)
Digimon ReArise
(Spiral Origin, Final Form)

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