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A Perfect Digimon whose appearance resembles a long-legged spider. Its form is usually in an outstretched state, with its head and limbs extended, but it is also able to assume a cocoon form, with its limbs retracted into its body. When it goes into its cocoon form, its defensive power is raised such that every attack is deflected, but it can only go forward in a straight line, and the fact that it cannot modify its trajectory is a clear weakness. It is able to penetrate every Network, despite the strength of their security. If Infermon is released into the Network, the world will probably then collapse into chaos. Its Special Move is firing off shells of a terrible, destructive energy from the muzzle inside of its mouth (Hell's Grenade), and charging the opponent with its cocoon form (Cocoon Attack).
Digimon Reference Book

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Hell's Grenade [1] ヘルズグレネード Heruzu Gurenēdo Spider Shooter/Hades' Grenade/Energy Grenade Fires shells of a terrible, destructive energy from the muzzle inside of its mouth.
Cocoon Attack [1] コクーンアタック Kokūn Atakku Cocoon Crash Charges the opponent while in its cocoon form.
Cocoon Guard [6] コクーンガード Kokūn Gādo
Raises its defense by retracting its legs and neck into its body.
Virus Skater [4] ウィルススケイター Wirusu Sukeitā Virus Shot Breathes a stream of dark, electrified gas from its mouth.


Evolves From[edit]

Evolves To[edit]



Digimon Adventure: Our War Game![edit]

Keramon warp evolves into Infermon during his fight with Taichi's Greymon and Kōshirō's Kabuterimon. Later he evolves to Diablomon after he began losing the battle to Taichi's War Greymon and Yamato's Metal Garurumon.

Infermon from Our War Game!

Digimon Tamers[edit]

After he evolved, Beelzebumon attacked a herd of Chrysalimon. They evolve together to Infermon. Beelzebumon kills it with Darkness Claw.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Infermon appeared in "All Will Be Revealed Now! The Secret of the Digimon Hunt!". It evolved from a Chrysalimon and turned the city into DigiQuartz before being defeated by Xros Up Arresterdramon. However, before Infermon could be finished, it evolved further into Diablomon.


Video Games[edit]

Digimon World: Digital Card Arena[edit]

Infermon is the third opponent of Infinity Tower's fourth and fifth Battle Arenas. It talks mostly in hissing and with pauses between words. Infermon plays the Forever Increase deck, a Black/Darkness and Yellow/Rare deck with 3 attack, 4 defense and 3 evolution speed, that should be defeated in one blow. Upon being defeated, Infermon complains about pain and darkness and how it can't see anymore, so it will take down the world with it.

While not mentioned during the Battle Arena, in the Battle Cafe after clearing the fourth Battle Arena, Infermon and Diablomon will occupy the same slot and switch between themselves, confirming they're the same Digimon in different evolution levels.

Infermon's also an obtainable Perfect-level Black/Darkness card whose stats are:

  • HP: 1100
  • DP: 20
  • +P: 0
  • Circle attack: 610
  • Triangle attack: 370
  • X attack: 180, Jamming
  • Support Ability: Discard 5 cards from your deck and increase your attack power by 400.

Infermon's attacks are Hell's Grenade, Cocoon Attack and Virus Skater.

Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution[edit]

Infermon is a final boss.

Digimon RPG[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

Infermon is found on the Gunslinger Level.

Digimon World X[edit]

Digimon Story[edit]

Can be evolved from Chrysalimon if above level 30. It can evolve to Diablomon if above level 50 and Attack above 250, or Beelzebumon if above level 84 and need to have already befriended another Beelzebumon.

During their encounter in Junk Factory, Peter attacks the Player with a Black Rapidmon and two Infermon.

Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight[edit]

Can be evolved from Chrysalimon if above level 36 and attack 200, or can be found at Chaos Brain. Can evolve to Diablomon if above level 45, Darkness EXP 25000, and already befriended Keramon.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

Digimon Life[edit]

Digimon Masters[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red[edit]

Member of the ROG Organization. It is one of Zeed Millenniumon's servants along with Algomon.

Digimon Collectors[edit]

Digimon Crusader[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Infermon is only obtainable as a collectible card. Its card is part of the The Wickedest Virus (最悪のウイルス Saiaku no Uirusu) set.

Digimon Fortune[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Infermon is the partner Digimon of Sanada Arata. They can be encountered at Kowloon Level 5. Evolves from Chrysalimon, Stingmon, or Devimon at level 30 with 95 ATK and 80 SPD. Evolves into Beelzebumon at level 60 with 2000 HP, 250 ATK, 150 SPD, and 80 ABI; Diablomon at level 55 with 1100 HP, 180 ATK, 130 SPD, and 20 ABI; or Venom Vamdemon at level 55 with 1200 HP, 110 SP, 110 ATK, 110 INT, and 40 ABI. It is also available as a Digimon Medal.

An Infermon appears in the "Living Doll, Dead Person“ case during Chapter 8 as a boss.

Digimon Soul Chaser[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder-[edit]

Digimon Linkz[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

Digimon ReArise[edit]

Digimon Super Rumble[edit]

Digimon New Century[edit]

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D-Ark Version 1.0/1.5[edit]

Infermon is an enemy Digimon in Secret S.



Digivice Ver.Complete[edit]


Hyper Colosseum


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References Notes
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