Pulsemon (Seekers)

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Kanji/Kana パルスモン
Human Partner Leon Alexander

Pulsemon is the Partner Digimon of Leon Alexander in Digimon Seekers. He's known as the Lightning Bolt (電光石火 Denkōsekka).


Baby I Dokimon[1]
Baby II Bibimon[2]
Child Pulsemon
Adult Bulkmon[1]
Perfect Boutmon
Ultimate Kazuchimon
Fenriloogamon: Takemikazuchi (with Fenriloogamon‎)


Pulsemon is quite smug, mocking Tamahime Satsuki for her softness and blowing her a kiss. He's also very fast, strong and precise, easily and quickly taking down three Espimon that gave the Digipolice trouble. According to Satsuki, the only one to use a Pulsemon is Leon Alexander.


Live Action[edit]

Digimon Seekers[edit]

In "Chapter 1 Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", going through the flames riding on her Numemon, Tamahime Satsuki screamed at the hacker Judge, who Hololized alongside Pulsemon.

In "Chapter 2 Hacker Leon:WWW Airlines Flight626", at his apartment, Leon Alexander brusquely woke up, with the Hololized Pulsemon beside him. Later, a Hololized Nagasumi Eiji told Leon it was good to see him again, but Leon told him that hackers and code crackers had to settle their dispute, as his Pulsemon took a fighting stance. Their evolved Partner Digimon, Boutmon and Loogarmon, charged at each other, with Loogarmon shooting a Howling Burner at close range that did nothing to Boutmon, who countered with an electric punch. Leon then proclaimed that there was no justice to be found in Eiji's actions, as his Ultimate-level Partner, Kazuchimon, charged his swords with electricity then let loose lightning everywhere.

In "Chapter 3 Unit 11:Digital Missing In Action", the Royal Knight, Omegamon, struggled against Kazuchimon as both fell into a vortex.

In "Chapter 4 Sons of Chaos: Seekers", Kazuchimon Jogress Evolved with Fenriloogamon, forming Fenriloogamon: Takemikazuchi.


Digimon Seekers[edit]

Pulsemon first appeared in "1-5: Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", where he quickly took down three concealed Espimon the Digipolice pursued for Digitama poaching. Tamahime Satsuki quickly realized who he was, as no one used Pulsemon except for the hacker, Judge. He then mocked Satsuki and left, taking with him the Digitama that served as evidence of said poaching, leaving Satsuki furious.

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