Nagasumi Eiji

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Nagasumi Eiji
Nagasumi Eiji
Kanji/Kana 永住 瑛士
Age 19
20 (Epilogue)
Organization Abadin Electronics
Partner Digimon Loogamon
Digimon Used Tyranomon (x3, originally 4 but one died)
Digivice Digimon Dock
Digimon Linker
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed grandfather (deceased)
Unnamed grandmother (deceased)
Actor Japanese Hatani Syota (羽谷 勝太)

Nagasumi Eiji is the lead protagonist of Digimon Seekers.

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He calls himself "Fang" as a handle.

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Digimon Seekers[edit]

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Digimon Seekers[edit]

In "Chapter 1 Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", Eiji opened his eyes in the Digital World, as a Cargodramon flew over him, and the narrator asked "don't you want to know? The secret of the two worlds".

At Abadin Electronics, Eiji greeted Professor Ryusenji Tomonori. As his Digimon Dock showed a hologram of Modoki Betamon, Ryusenji explained that the core research that'd determine the future of their company was being conducted there, with holograms of the three Attributes (Vaccine, Data and Virus) being projected outside of the entrance of Abadin Electronics. Ryusenji then gave Eiji a Digimon Linker, which Eiji put on his wrist while asking what it was.

Later, Eiji activated the Mindlink of his Digimon Linker, and he appeared as a hologram in the Digital World, with Loogamon at his side. He told Loogamon that they were going to infiltrate the SoC and they were going to find out who Tartarus was, as Loogamon howled. A Cargodramon then found both of them and announced they had found a suspicious Digimon.

From inside Loogamon, with multiple screens in front of him, Eiji declared he wanted to change his life, as another screen saying "DIGIVOLUTION" appeared in front of him.

In "Chapter 2 Hacker Leon:WWW Airlines Flight626", Loogamon howled on top of a destroyed piece of land, as it and several others were sucked in by a vortex in the sky, and Eiji told him to run.

At another point, a Hololized Eiji told Leon Alexander it was good to see him again, but Leon told him that hackers and code crackers had to settle their dispute, as his Pulsemon took a fighting stance.

Eiji crossed Xu Yulin as Leon proclaimed it was time to fight for real.

Leon proclaimed that there was no justice to be found in Eiji's actions, as his Ultimate-level Partner Digimon, Kazuchimon, charged his swords with electricity then let loose lightning everywhere. Eiji proclaimed he would win, even if he had to use Leon as a springboard, with images of him meeting a far calmer and happier Leon.

In "Chapter 3 Unit 11:Digital Missing In Action", the Royal Knight, Omegamon, struggled against Kazuchimon as both fell into a vortex. Meanwhile, Eiji remembered the distorted voice of Leon, asking for forgiveness after he tried to save Eiji, who blamed himself and acknowledged Leon as his friend. Eiji's Digimon Linker then received a message, which called him "code cracker Fang" and asked if he was home.

In "Chapter 4 Sons of Chaos: Seekers", Kisakata Kosuke, surrounded by the Prototype Digimon: DORUmon, Loogamon, and the defeated Ryudamon, as well as Eiji, answered he was going to scour the depths of the Digital World, and that was why it was called Operation Tartarus. As he did, he typed on a holographic console which projected orbs showing the three Attributes: Vaccine, Data and Virus. Eiji and Loogamon looked upwards.

Later, Eiji asked Tartarus to think and not give in, but it was too late, as DORUmon became Death-X-DORUgoramon, covered in a dark aura, and spread his massive wings.

Eiji and Leon fistbumped each other, as Leon said that he knew they weren't on the same side but he believed in Eiji. Looking at Death-X-DORUgoramon, both Tamers raised their arms with their Digimon Linkers, and a blue ring that said JOGRESS surrounded them.

Eiji proclaimed he'd turn the Digital World upside down to find what he was after, and the Jogressed form of Fenriloogamon and Kazuchimon, Fenriloogamon: Takemikazuchi, was formed.


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  1. BT18-078 (DCG) Duskmon can change any Tamer's Color into any other Color, except White.