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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Suppression Strike [1] サプレッションストライク Sapuresshon Sutoraiku Suppression Strike Attacks with the Gatling gun on the front of its fuselage.
Slaughter Blade [1] スローターブレード Surōtā Burēdo Slaughter Blade Hacks the opponent to pieces with the propellers on both of its wings.


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Digimon Seekers[edit]

The Digipolice's Cargodramon found Nagasumi Eiji and Loogamon in "Chapter1:Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", then let loose several Commandramon to pursue them as they considered Loogamon a suspicious Digimon. Loogamon then evolved into Loogarmon to face them.

In "Chapter 3 Unit 11:Digital Missing In Action", Xu Yulin and Tamahime Satsuki rode on a Cargodramon, followed by several others, for their clash against the SoC.

Cargodramon in Digimon Seekers.



Digimon Seekers[edit]

A Digipolice Cargodramon appeared in front of Nagasumi Eiji and Loogamon in "1-14: Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", hovering over the Castle of Nine Wolves. A Commandramon squad came out of it, spreading out and surrounding the castle.

In "1-15", they let loose a round of bullets close to Eiji as a warning shot from Tamahime Satsuki, who threatened to kill him during his Mind Link. Satsuki then asked them to confirm if Eiji was truly just mapping the area while walking around the Castle of Nine Wolves, which Cargodramon did, as they had no Digitama or captured Digimon. After Loogamon killed two Commandramon with a Spiral Bite, Numemon came out of the Cargodramon on Satsuki's orders. After Numemon was defeated by Loogarmon in "1-17", the Digipolice fled on Cargodramon.

Cargodramon over the Castle of Nine Wolves

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Digimon Seekers
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