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The D-Brigade (D-ブリガード D-Burigādo) is a mechanized brigade composed of Dragon Cyborg Digimon. This special forces unit is committed to missions kept secret from the public at all costs. The organization’s hierarchy is a mystery, as is whoever’s calling the shots. They have an operation focused on targets codenamed BAN-TYO, and intel of incidents involving them has leaked to the public, such as Ludomon protecting areas from the D-Brigade. While the organization seems specialized in covert operations and assassinations, the truth of the matter remains obscured.[1]

The brigade is believed to contain a huge army of Commandramon, Sealsdramon and Tankdramon. Sealsdramon are born from 100 Commandramon who passed through "Selection-D"[2]. Tankdramon are a Cyborg with high firepower well prepared for combat, and it is said that until today, only one was slaughtered[3]. This Tankdramon came to become D-Brigade's last resource, Darkdramon, by failing to destroy the target, "Codename: BAN-TYO"[4]. It has the sole purpose of destroying this target, so its got out of control, and not even the D-Brigade knows of its whereabouts.


D-ブリガード D-Burigādo
Name Position
Darkdramon Weapon of Last Resort[4]
Tankdramon Riot Suppression and Assault Extermination[3]
Sealsdramon Assassination[2]
Commandramon Infantry[5]
Cargodramon Troop Transportation[6]
Hi-Commandramon Infantry[6]





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Assaultmon and Cannondramon are members in this game.

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The D-Brigade appear as collectable cards.

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The D-Brigade appear as collectable cards.

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