Xu Yulin

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Xu Yulin
Xu Yulin
Kanji/Kana 徐 月鈴(シュウ ユーリン)
Dub Name Shuu Yulin[N 1]
Organization Digipolice
Partner Digimon Ryudamon
Palmon (Current status unknown)
Digivice Digimon Dock
Digimon Linker
Actor Japanese Kotomi

Xu Yulin is a character in Digimon Seekers.


Yulin is a Japanese citizen of Chinese descent. She used to be a cracker/hacker that went by the handle "Witch of the Crossroads" (三叉路の魔女).

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Digimon Seekers[edit]

In "Chapter 1 Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", at the Digipolice HQ, Yulin explained that Mindlink had a time limit as the consciousness of the user could be left behind on the Digital World, and she did not want to use her men.

In "Chapter 2 Hacker Leon:WWW Airlines Flight626", Nagasumi Eiji crossed Yulin.

In "Chapter 3 Unit 11:Digital Missing In Action", atop a stage alongside Ryudamon, Tamahime Satsuki, and Numemon, and surrounded by other members of the Digipolice and some Mechanorimon; Yulin proclaimed to a squad of Commandramon that it was their duty to protect the Digital World from code crackers.

Later, looking at a hologram of Kisakata Kosuke projected from her white Digimon Linker, Yulin wondered what he was plotting with a Digimon of his.

As the Digipolice arrived to fight with the SoC, the Hololized Kosuke proclaimed that Yulin and Ryudamon had fallen into a trap. From inside a Cargodramon, surrounded by several others, and alongside Satsuki, Yulin answered that he hadn't won.

In "Chapter 4 Sons of Chaos: Seekers", Ouryumon and DORUgoramon clashed against each other. From inside Ouryumon, Yulin asked how Kosuke was going to save Ryusenji Saya.


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  1. The English localization has her name in Chinese name order. That, or they have switched her names around, with Shuu as her first name instead of her surname and Yulin as her surname instead of her first name.