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Abadin Electronics Corp. (アバディンエレクトロニクス社 Abadin Erekutoronikusu-sha), abbreviated to AE Corp., is a global information technology company founded by Ryusenji Tomonori in Digimon Seekers. The company boasts the world's top market share in digital network equipment and electronic terminals. Beneath the surface, Abadin Electronics possesses cutting-edge technology in Digimon research, such as the Digimon Linker.

Abadin Electronics also supplies various electronic equipment, including the Digimon Linker, to the Digipolice.

The first-floor lobby of DDL.

The Denrin Ward Digital Lab (電臨区デジタルラボ Denrin-ku Dejitaru Rabo), initialed to DDL, is the research and development center of Abadin Electronics. DDL is a state-of-the-art research facility and at its core is Sector D4. Sector D4 is a high-security zone where top-secret research into Digimon and the Digital World is conducted.



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Digimon Card Game[edit]

AE Corp. is a Type given to both Digimon and Tamer cards in the Digimon Card Game, introduced in BT-16 Beginning Observer. It is given to Digimon (such as BT16-039 Pulsemon) and Tamers (such as BT16-086 Hacker Judge) that were part of AE Corp. in Digimon Seekers.