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Digimon Linker
Digimon Linker
Kanji/Kana デジモンリンカー

The Digimon Linker (デジモンリンカー Dejimon rinkā) is a model of Digivice that is used by the main protagonists of Digimon Seekers.



Much like Digimon Ghost Game's Digivice-V- and Digivice-VV-, the Digimon Linker is based on the Vital Bracelet, specifically the Vital Bracelet BE with the Linker Band. Following its design, it is a smartwatch with a simple, rectangular shape. On its left side is a port for accepting Dim Cards, which is usually covered by a rubber cap when not in use. On its right side are three buttons for controlling the device.


  • Like all Digimon Docks, contain the data of Digimon in it, with one being shown as a sprite in its screen.[1]
  • Basic smartwatch functionality, such as showing the current time.[1]
  • Lock to its registered user through a biometric vital sensor.[1]
  • Medical device class sensor that records pulse, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature, and others.[1]
  • 24-hour medical support system via Abadin Electronics’ Life Support.[1]
  • Hololization, even outside of authorized facilities. This can be used both for Digimon and for other things, such as chat menus. In the Digital World, the user can Hololize themselves to separate from the Digimon they're Mind Linked to, and can interact with their surroundings in this state, though they can't get far from their Digimon.[1]
  • Completely waterproof and antibacterial.[1]
  • Connect to other Digimon Docks so the Digimon in them can interact with each other.[1]
  • Mind Link, separating the users' consciousness from their body and sending its data to the Digicore of a Digimon, thus allowing them to fully interact with the Digital World with their five senses. Because the amount of data required to convert the human psyche into digital data is enormous, the Digimon Linker samples the users' biometric data, brain waves, and level of consciousness for 24 hours a day.[1]
  • Display data of Digimon seen while Mind Linked, such as their name, Level, Type and Attribute. However, this data can be blocked.[1]
  • Show files in a virtual monitor.[1]


Anyone able to Mindlink owns a Digimon Linker, as Ryusenji Tomonori lied and stated that one is needed to be able to Mindlink (more than a decade before, his students were able to Mindlink using regular computers. He presuambly lied about this to make Mindlinking safer via the usage of a Linker).

Owner Chapter Notes
Nagasumi Eiji Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue
Tamahime Satsuki Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue
Leon Alexander Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue
Xu Yulin Unit 11:Digital Missing In Action
Kisakata Kosuke His Linker has yet to be shown, however he can Mindlink
Marvin Jackson His Linker has yet to be shown, however he can Mindlink


Live Action[edit]

Digimon Seekers[edit]

Professor Ryusenji Tomonori gave Nagasumi Eiji the prototype Digimon Linker in "Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue". Through its Mind Link function, Eiji then entered the Digital World and met with Loogamon.


Digimon Seekers[edit]

Professor Ryusenji Tomonori gave Nagasumi Eiji the prototype Digimon Linker in "1-4: Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", to replace his DIY Digimon Docks, one of which had a memory error that had nearly destroyed the Modoki Betamon he sent Eiji to capture. He then quickly gave him another job to test the Digimon Linker, raising Loogamon. He later used it to Mind Link with Loogamon.

Tamahime Satsuki revealed she owned one too in "1-15", which had police colours. As Abadin Electronics received orders from the police on a variety of electronic equipment and Ryusenji was an advisor to the Metropolitan Police Department, it's likely it was received from them. She used it to Mind Link with her Numemon.

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