Loogamon (Seekers)

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Kanji/Kana ルガモン
Human Partner Nagasumi Eiji

Loogamon is the Partner Digimon of Nagasumi Eiji in Digimon Seekers. He's also known as the "Demon Wolf of the Castle of Nine Wolves".


Baby I ?
Baby II Bowmon[1]
Child Loogamon
Adult Loogarmon
Perfect Helloogarmon
Ultimate Fenriloogamon[3]


Due to being a Demon Beast-type, with data related to wolves, Loogamon is strict about social order in his pack, where he is the alpha. He's hard to handle, with even three Tyranomon, who are a level above it, becoming his minions and being scared of him. He's quite a glutton, eating the others' food and even trying to eat a Tyranomon. His growth score is not an average one, growing big in only 2 to 3 days.

He refuses to follow Nagasumi Eiji's orders, despite the fact that their compatibility is second-to-none according to Profesor Ryusenji Tomonori and their DS value.


Live Action[edit]

Digimon Seekers[edit]

Nagasumi Eiji first met Loogamon after using the Digimon Linker's Mind Link function in "Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue". He quickly gave him their mission: to infiltrate the SoC and find out who the Tartarus is. However, they were soon after found by the Digipolice's Cargodramon, from whom several Commandramon came out, pursuing Loogamon as a suspicious Digimon. Answering Eiji's wish to change his life, Loogamon then evolved into Loogarmon to face them.

In "Hacker Leon:WWW Airlines flight626", he fought against Leon Alexander and his Boutmon as Loogarmon. He then evolved into Helloogarmon, which caused him to go out of control.


Digimon Seekers[edit]

Loogamon's sprite appeared in Nagasumi Eiji's new Digimon Linker in "1-4: Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", alongside the mission to raise him, both gotten from Professor Ryusenji Tomonori. To help raise him, Eiji connected the Digimon Linker to his other Digimon Docks in 1-6, so he'd interact with his three Tyranomon, however, this only led to them becoming his minions, with Loogamon as the alpha of their pack, stealing the others' food and even trying to eat one of them.

According to Eiji in 1-7, Loogamon is hard to deal with, as he refused to follow his orders, ate too much, costed too much, and pooped too much. Nonetheless, he wanted to keep raising him, and Professor Ryusenji offered an incentive if he got him to the Adult-level, and higher ones for the Perfect and Ultimate levels. Eiji also Hololized him in front of the Professor, which made him want to pet him.

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