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Prototype Digimon (プロトタイプデジモン, Purototaipu Dejimon) refers to experimental Digimon[1] that served as the basis for the creation of new Digimon[2] or for other specific experiments.[1] The Prototype Digimon that exist from before Digimon were discovered have an outdated Interface on their brow[3] that allows to reconfigure the data stored within their Digicores for such experiments.[1]

DORU Series[edit]

The "DORU Series" (ドルシリーズ, Doru Shirīzu), a portmanteau of "Digimon OR Unknown-Monsters",[1] is a term which refers to a series of Digimon created to experiment in search of further evolutions.[4] During an experiment the potent life-force data of the legendary beast, the "Dragon", was hidden within the deepest parts of their Digicores, giving them the potential to grow into mighty Digimon.[3] The "DORU" in DORUmon's name seems to be a remnant of this term.[1]

Furthermore, because of the experiments, by using the old relic Death-X[5] Digimon of the "DORU Series" can force the X-Antibody within their Digicores to allow them to remain functioning even after they have died, evolving through an special type of evolution known as "Death-X-Evolution",[6] whose mysteries are known to Grand Dracumon.[7] Despite their deceased condition, they can remain active by preying on the Digicores of other Digimon.[4]


DORU Series
ドルシリーズ Doru Shirīzu

Cyborg Prototypes[edit]

Andromon and Boltmon were developed at the same time[2] by a group of scientists[13] as the prototypes for Cyborg Digimon.[2] Andromon was made emotionless and mechanically-based,[2] while Boltmon was organically-based and as such possessed emotions and power that surpassed Andromon's.[14] Their technology was later successfully adapted into other Cyborg Digimon such as Metal Greymon and Megadramon.[2]

Moreover, it is thought that all of the Cyborg Digimon created before Mugendramon were merely its prototypes.[15]

Metal Mamemon[16]
Metal Greymon (Virus)[16]
Metal Greymon[2]
Metal Tyranomon[17]

Other prototypes[edit]

  • Ryudamon was a prototype Digimon created to pursue further fighting strength.[20] During an experiment the ferocious combat data of the "Dragons" and "Generals" of Japanese mythology was hidden within the deepest parts of its Digicore, giving it the potential to grow into mighty Digimon.[21]
  • It is uncertain if Chimairamon was built as a prototype for Mugendramon or to be used against it.[26]
  • Plotmon was created as an experimental Digimon to imitate the pets that live with humans, and because of that has an appearance close to that of a real animal.[27]
  • Snimon was created as an experimental Virus Hunter Digimon, designed to track down targets as if it were a precise machine.[28]
  • Herissmon was created by Spiral using its own data in an attempt to create a holder that recreated the structure of an actual Digimon.[30]
  • It is said that N.E.O, a mysterious digital lifeform, is the basis (Adam) for "Next-generation Digimon" sent by the system that governs the Digital World, although this is just an hypothesis.[31]

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