Digicore Interface

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Digicore Interface
Digicore Interface
Kanji/Kana デジコア・インターフェース

The Digicore Interface (デジコア・インターフェース, Dejikoa Intāfēsu) is a feature possessed by Prototype Digimon that is located on their brows. By using this interface, it is possible for a Digimon to reconfigure the data stored within their Digicore; however, in the worst case scenario, there is a risk of interface use causing the Digicore itself to cease to function, and thus it this interface is no longer being used. However, it is said that if one receives the X-Antibody, then they can release the data found at the deepest parts of their Digicore through this interface.[1]


Although Death-X-DORUgamon, Death-X-DORUguremon and Death-X-DORUgoramon lack this interface, they possess something similar; purple-blue in color and diamond-shaped, while Death-X-mon's is green.

Although Alphamon, Alphamon: Ouryuken and Ragna Lordmon have red triangular gems similar to the Digicore Interface on their brows, it is unsure whether these gems are intended to be Digicore Interface or not.

Digimon with the Digicore Interface[edit]


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