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The Metropolitan Police Department, Community Safety Bureau, Cyber Crime Division, Investigation Unit 11 (警視庁生活安全部サイバー犯罪課捜査第11係 Keishichō Seikatsu Anzen-bu Saibā Hanzai-ka Sōsa Dai-11-kakari), commonly known as the Digimon Crime Response Team (デジモン犯罪対策チーム Dejimon Hanzai Taisaku Chīmu), abbreviated to Digipolice (デジ対 Deji-tai), is a specialized police team in Digimon Seekers. Their mission is to stop Digimon crimes.

Various electronic equipment for police use, such as the Digimon Linker, is ordered from Abadin Electronics. Ryusenji Tomonori also serves as an adviser to the Metropolitan Police Department.


Digimon Used[edit]

Officially, Digimon are classified as police equipment. The Digipolice's Digimon unit are tuned Digimon that Xu Yulin has captured and modified.


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