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Kanji/Kana デジヴァイス-V-
For the toy of the same name, see Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-.

The Digivice-V- (デジヴァイス-V- Dejivaisu vī)—usually referred to onscreen simply as the Digivice (デジヴァイス Dejivaisu)—is a model of Digivice that is used by the main protagonists of Digimon Ghost Game.



Unlike other Digivices from past anime series, the Digivice-V- is directly based on a pre-existing real-world virtual pet: the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster. Following its design, it is a smartwatch with a simple, rectangular shape. On its left side is a port for accepting Dim Cards, which is usually covered by a rubber cap when not in use. On its right side are three buttons for controlling the device.

Also unlike the majority of Digivice models in other Digimon media, Digivice-V-s do not have any personalized shell colors for their user, as all of them are navy blue. However, their screens do display a unique background color for each user when displaying the clock or vitals gauge screen (e.g. when their partner Digimon is evolving).


  • Synchronizing with Partner Digimon through the sensor apparatus[1]
  • Inducing:
    • Evolution of a Child Digimon into an Adult Digimon[2]
      • Evolution appears to be related to the Vitals gauge, which is displayed and shown filling in yellow when evolution is about to occur, but the mechanics have not yet been explained[2]
      • If a Dark Evolution occurs, the Vitals gauge fails to fully fill up and then drains back to zero[3]
    • Super Evolution of an Adult Digimon into a Perfect Digimon[4]
      • The Vitals gauge fills once again for Super Evolution, in this case, changing color depending on the user: red for Canoweissmon, purple for Thetismon, blue for Lamortmon
      • Super Evolution has a time limit, after which the Digimon devolves to their Adult form or lower; the Digivice-V- sounds an alarm when the devolution is imminent[5]
  • Enabling its user to perceive any Digimon who are in an invisible non-corporeal state in the Real World[6]
  • Projecting a pseudo-Digital World疑似的なデジタルワールド」 dimensional field over the current area in the Real World that:
    • Fully materializes any Digimon within[7]
    • Protects the Real World and its inhabitants from the effects of any destruction that occurs within[7]
    • Prevents any Digimon within from escaping back into the Real World to cause havoc;[8] however, it is possible for a strong enough Digimon to break through the field to open up a passageway back into the Real World[3]
  • Accepting Dim Cards to:
    • Perform unspecified backup functions[9]
    • Fully materialize their partner Digimon in the Real World for the first time[9]
    • Play pre-recorded holographic footage of people and the environment that they are in, similar to how the pseudo-Digital World works[10]
    • Upgrade the sensor, enabling the Digivice to be evolved into a Digivice-VV-[1]
  • Returning Digimon who were turned into other Digimon back to their original forms[11]
Amanokawa Hiro's Digivice-V- displaying its initialization screen.
The "vitals gauge" on Amanokawa Hiro's Digivice-V-, filling as Gammamon is about to evolve.
Tsukiyono Ruli's Digivice-V-, accepting an inserted Dim Cards.
Amanokawa Hiro's Digivice-V- projecting a pseudo-Digital World field on the surrounding area.


Owner Screen Color Episode Notes
Amanokawa Hiro Light blue "The Sewn-lip Man" Evolved into a Digivice-VV- in "Headless".
Tsukiyono Ruli Orange "Scribbles" Evolved into a Digivice-VV- in "Headless".
Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro Light green "Divine Anger" Evolved into a Digivice-VV- in "Headless".
Amanokawa Hokuto "The Call"



Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

The first Digivice-V-, in the crater in Amanokawa Hokuto's study.

When Amanokawa Hokuto mysteriously disappears, all that his son, Amanokawa Hiro finds is a single Digivice-V-, with a Dim Cards already inserted, in a smoking hole in the floor of Hokuto's study. Hiro does not reveal its existence to the police when they come to investigate Hokuto's disappearance.[9]

Six months later, Hiro is startled by the sudden sound of rummaging in his room and three Dim Cards falling on his head, and he finds a box with three Digivice-V-s in his closet.[N 1] He inserts a Dim card that projects a message from Hokuto, who gives him basic instructions on using the Digivice to fully materialize his new "little brother", Gammamon.[9]

When Hiro meets Tsukiyono Ruli and notices that Angoramon is invisibly following her, he gives her a Digivice-V- to use to materialize Angoramon.[12]

One day, Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro returns home to find a Digivice-V- (which he recognizes as the same device Hiro wears) apparently floating in mid-air, and a message scrawled in ketchup on his ceiling: "PUT THIS ON" 「これをつけろ」. Jellymon (still invisible to Kiyoshiro without putting the Digivice on) is responsible for both of these, having apparently stolen one of the Digivices from Hiro's room. She thrusts the Digivice into Kiyoshiro's face to convince him to put it on, then reaches out to insert the Dim Card to materialize herself.[13]

Eventually, Hokuto sends Hiro a package with three new Dim cards that he has developed with the assistance of some Digimon friends, which contain a program designed to boost the effect of the Digivices' sensors. Some time after all three have used the Dims, during Hiro and Ruli's battle with Dark Knightmon, Gammamon's determination to keep fighting and protect the group triggers the evolution of all three Digivices into Digivice-VV-s.[1]


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Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-[edit]

Vital Bracelet Digivice-V- is a model of the Vital Bracelet line that ties into Digimon Ghost Game. The objective is to raise a Digimon that evolves based on the user's heart rate and exercise routine. This model does not differ much from a regular Vital Bracelet Digital Monster, except for some minor changes to gameplay progression and Dim Card compatibility, and the unique logo on its shell.


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References Notes
  1. It is not specified whether any of the three Digivice-V-s in the box in "The Sewn-lip man" are the same Digivice-V- that Amanokawa Hiro found in the crater in Amanokawa Hokuto's study six months previously.