Hologram Ghost

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Hologram Ghost
Hologram Ghost
Kanji/Kana ホログラムゴースト

A Hologram Ghost is one of a set of physical states a Digimon in the season Digimon Ghost Game can exist in.


  • Invisible State - The Digimon is transparent and is unable to be seen by humans without a Digivice-V-. They have the ability to walk through objects from the human world with ease but are unable to interact with humans or objects. Digimon however are able to see and touch each other no matter the state they are in, and they can also freely travel in and out of digital devices, data and the internet.
  • Invisible State 2 - Digimon are still invisible to humans but are able to touch things and hold things briefly. In exchange they can no longer travel through walls.
  • Hologram Ghost - Digimon now become visible to humans, they appear a bit glitchy and can now passively and physically interact with the human world. They regain the ability to pass through walls, but only when they are calm and do it carefully.
  • Materialization - A Digimon can materialize at will, however emotions are a factor. Unlike the digital world, it's the feelings that come from the heart are what's important, not data. Digimon while still made of data become more like human beings and less like data. Some Digimon harm humans in an attempt to get emotional enough to materialize.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Many Hologram Ghosts do not know how they ended up in the real world or how to go home.
  • Unlike "Hologram Ghost" Digimon, humans should not be able to enter the Digital World as they may burn up their bodies on entry.
  • Any Digimon in a non-materialized state will become solid inside the cyberspace generated from the Digivice-V-.

Image Gallery[edit]

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