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The form of a Gaioumon defeated in battle that acquired new strength after unimaginable training. The oni data sleeping within its Digicore has awakened, and its fighting style has changed to Ittō-ryū. Having mastered "Tenrin Ittō-ryū", kenjutsu passed down through the Eastern Digital World, Gaioumon specializes in "silent" swordplay in which it instantly cuts down its opponents without even making a sound. Once prepared for battle, it is almost impossible to approach Gaioumon without leaving any openings.
Its Special Moves are restricting the opponent's movements with a tornado unleashed from the "Kikurin" (Senpū Baku), and charging at lightning speed and then bisecting them with the Kikurin, which surges with lightning (Kikurin Issen: Gouraizan). In addition, its secret technique "Touka Seihitsu", in which it cuts down enemies in its surroundings with a single stroke of its sword, is said to quietly bring the battle to an end without them even realizing that they have been cut by their adversary.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Senpū Baku [3] Whirlwind Bind 旋風縛 N/A Binding Whirlwind[2] Restricts the opponent's movements with a tornado unleashed from the Kikurin.
Kikurin Issen: Gouraizan [3] Chrysanthemum and Phosphorus Flash: Roaring Lightning Beheading 菊燐一閃・號雷斬 N/A Kikurin Thunder Slash[2] Charges at lightning speed and then bisects the enemy with the Kikurin as it surges with lightning.
Touka Seihitsu [3] Sword Brilliance Tranquility 刀華静謐 N/A Splendid Blade of Tranquility[2] Cuts down enemies in its surroundings with a single stroke of its sword.


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Digimon ReArise[edit]

Gaioumon: Itto Mode is the partner Digimon of Hiiragi Takumi.

Gaioumon: Itto Mode first appears in Chapter 15 of Season 2.

After giving up the fight against Seraphimon and Sandiramon, Gaioumon, who no longer had confidence in his partner, is finally defeated by the member of the Three Archangels. At this time, Sandiramon tries to attack Takumi who is saved by Herissmon, Tamada Keito and Natsuyagi Kazuma, who managed to open a portal to the Digital World through a Digital Point in the Human World.

Taking advantage of the situation, the person behind Takumi and Sara's actions releases a program through Takumi's smartphone, which will paralyze nearby Digimon while analyzing their data. This is when the villain reveals that the program is based on the same one that was hurting DORUmon all this time, which was actually developed by him. The program was originally just a simple program to analyze DORUmon, but it affected it differently because it is a special type of Digimon.

The villain also releases several Spirals strengthened by his program to prevent everyone from escaping. Amidst this chaos, Takumi and Gaioumon finally have an honest conversation and resolve their misunderstandings, Gaioumon understands that he doesn't need to blindly follow Takumi's orders, that they should talk about their points of view when they differ, and Takumi understands that was what he should have done, seeking out for another solution from the DORUmon's problem, and having trusted in your friends instead of cooperating with the villain.

With their bonds stronger than ever, the two rise once more to fight together, with Gaioumon being able to evolve into Gaioumon: Itto Mode.

With a single move of his sword, Gaioumon: Itto Mode is able to cut all the Spirals, plus the program that was paralyzing the others at once, saving Seraphimon, Sandiramon and their friends.

Gaioumon: Itto Mode in Digimon ReArise
Gaioumon: Itto Mode in Digimon ReArise

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